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Installation specifications for automatic control instruments

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-03
1. The characteristics of automatic control instrument installation project Compared with other professional installation, automatic control instrument installation has the following characteristics:   1, the construction area is wide, involving the entire project and most of the professions;   2, the construction process is more restricted by other professions;   3 , The number of construction projects is large, sporadic and scattered;   4. Long cooperation time and short effective construction period. Therefore, before the construction, the professional instrument construction personnel should not only understand the detailed design related drawings and documents, but also have certain construction knowledge and rich construction experience. According to the actual situation of the construction site, the installation location and construction method should be reasonably determined and revised at any time. The original construction plan.  Second, automatic control instrument construction content and procedures   1, construction preparation. Including the preparation of operating conditions (construction technical documents and detailed design documents), construction organization design, equipment list, material budget, and machining parts list;   2, do pre-buried and reserve work with civil engineering;   3, cooperate with process equipment, Pipes and other professions determine the location of measurement and control points and do a complete (source) installation of components;   4, various metal brackets (instrument equipment brackets, pipeline brackets, brackets for cable bridges), bridges (slot boxes, trays, Ladder frame), expansion tube, instrument panel (box, cabinet), console, etc. production and installation positioning, auxiliary container, processing parts production;   5, instrument out of the warehouse, unpacking inspection and individual adjustment;   6, on-site inspection Instruments and control room instruments are installed in place, instrument panel cabinet piping, wiring, calibration, wiring, and line resistance are prepared;   7, pressure guiding pipeline, heat tracing pipeline laying, valve grinding and installation, instrument air supply pipe and pneumatic pipe Road laying, pressure test, leak test;   8, electrical protection pipe, flexible pipe installation, cable, compensation wire laying, cable insulation test and line finding, grounding system installation, grounding resistance test;   9, equipment insulation, pipeline anticorrosion 、Insulation;   10. Debugging of automatic control instrument system: detection system, control system, interlocking and emergency shutdown system (ESD) and distributed control system (DCS) joint adjustment to ensure correct action;   11. Cooperate with process professional system for purging and testing Compression, project finishing;   12, with process monomer test run and feed trial run;   13, handover, acceptance, and delivery. Third, the quality requirements of instrument installation and commissioning. During the construction of automatic control instruments, the requirements of the design, instrument installation and operating instructions, and instrument installation and adjustment construction and acceptance technical specifications must be strictly followed to ensure that the industrial instruments and automatic control devices can be accurate, sensitive, and Stable and reliable completion of its detection and control functions, safe production, so that the production process is carried out under optimal conditions, and industrial production automation is realized. The requirements for the installation and adjustment construction quality of automatic control instruments are summarized in the following aspects:   1, the models, specifications and quality of instruments, automatic control devices and other equipment, and automatic control materials should meet the design requirements;   2, installation of instrumentation , The content and requirements of the commissioning work should be consistent with the requirements of the instrument installation and operation manual;   3. The installation of instrument equipment and various pipelines and electrical circuits should be neat, beautiful, and meet the safety requirements, easy to operate, easy to construct and maintain, which is due to the process Medium, catalyst, product purity requirements or design requirements must be degreased instrumentation equipment, pipelines, source parts, valves, pipe fittings, short pipes and processed parts must be degreased;   4. Pressure-conducting pipelines and instrumentation equipment that require heat preservation and cold preservation, Heat preservation and cold preservation should be carried out according to the design requirements.
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