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Interpretation of the batteries impact test equipment

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-11
Batteries impact device and battery weight impact testing machine, the machine is suitable for batteries, battery ( Or battery pack) Under different quality of heavy objects from different heights through free-fall impact in batteries, battery ( Or battery pack) Products, lead to internal short circuit of destructive test, through the observation period test results for evaluation of batteries, battery ( Or battery pack) Safety performance. The machine meet UN38. 3, GB31241, IEC62133, UL1642, UL2054, GB/T18287 and other domestic and international testing standards. Jester battery weight impact tester is a test of high precision, stable running and good ability of explosion-proof pressure device, can maximum limit to protect the safety of test personnel. The structure performance has the following advantages. Jester batteries impact device description of structure features: 1, the structure of the machine, this machine is of vertical structure above as the drive, as test area, the structure of the box body 2 below. 1, the device has the function of system protection, test area and the device itself has the waterproof, rust and corrosion resistant, resistant to burning explosion protection function; 2. 2, the space of the test in explosion protection box, inside box adopts double composite strengthening design, the inner layer is made of SUS304 stainless steel plate welding all week, at the same time inside the box labeled with a third place with high temperature resistance and flame retardant properties of teflon tape, within reach protect test cases at the same time, easy to clean up after the test, teflon tape is easy to replace; Is a level 3, impact test and flat platform for the stainless steel, the surface with a unique teflon insulating tape, with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation and easy to clean easy to replace; 4, automatic induction door lock door lock, and when the door is shut down automatically, but the door is opened automatically or manually after the test completely the door is opened; 5, the door is safety induction switch installation place with safety induction power switch, when the door is open, power equipment control section can't start, not for subsequent operations, only after the cabinet door closed, before starting control program for subsequent operations, play a protective role in the true sense; 6, test the door. 1, remote electric hoist, single double door, with the host structure, the door is for electric motor driven screw electric elevator, automatic/manual lifting, can effectively avoid when the door is open the test manually, battery suddenly exploded and damage the tester to happen; 6. 2, positive, open visual explosion-proof glass observation window, at the same time of strengthening the protection, can observe the internal test case. ( Explosion-proof window 6. 3, the door is equipped with stainless steel explosion-proof hinge at the same time, to prevent the analyte due to the test in the process of explosion and make the door pop up, which can effectively protect the safety of the tester. ( Explosion-proof hinge) 7, test hole located in the box body side, convenient external voltage, temperature, current collection line, with stainless steel plate and high temperature resistant silicone plug; 8, the lighting design test box is equipped with a high brightness LED explosion-proof lights, can light up the whole test chamber, convenient to observe the internal test case. Be dustproof, explosion, fire prevention, waterproof, and easy to remove and replace. ( Lighting lamp) 9, the explosion pressure discharge function equipment at the back of the installation of straight-through discharge pressure discharge mouth, using magnetic suction method. When the pressure in the cabinet due to abnormal working state in the explosion, or short circuit battery explosion structure, causing the stress in the oven, pressure relief automatically be rushed to open the mouth, relieve the destructive pressure and reduce the impact to the door is in the oven. Pressure relief device with automatic reset function, easy open easy to close, sealing good cohesion. After the pressure relief quickly reset, without human intervention, the operation is simple and convenient. ( Explosion-proof pressure) 10, exhaust smoke exhaust system cabinet is equipped with forced high-temperature exhaust fan with exhaust guide, through high-temperature exhaust pipe external to the laboratory exhaust fan, when the test samples of fire smoke, will smoke discharge through the pipe. ( Smoke) 11, stop device and equipment control panel has & other; Stop & throughout; Button, located in the control area for critical cases of emergency handling, & other; Stop & throughout; Button for critical cases, stop all movements of the impact device, to prevent the occurrence of harm 12, limit protection limit protection switch, safety hook, When suddenly loses power protection) ; 13, equipment power supporting part of the equipment is equipped with universal casters and eager to a fixed position of the adjustable support leg; ( Universal casters) We manufacture a full range of battery testing equipment, manufacturing standards to meet the domestic and international test standard, not only have a single device, and rich in the design of the overall battery safety testing lab planning experience, our company successfully for many large battery production and new energy automobile enterprise installation planning, such as shenzhen fu ruixiang electronics, hunan sheng, chongqing purple built, huaian wit companies such as jun jun sheng, countries. 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