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Main problems and analysis of textile instrument manufacturing industry

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-05
1. There are too few powerful textile equipment manufacturing companies. Textile equipment manufacturing is only a small part of the large textile industry, with an annual sales volume of only four or five billion. Because the production characteristics of textile instruments are small batches, many varieties, low added value, and high technical difficulty; therefore, there are not many enterprises invested, resulting in a lack of funds for the entire industry and slow technological development.  2. The entire industry lacks unified management. After the original Textile Department was withdrawn, the metrological verification procedures and calibration specifications that regulate the quality of instruments have been in a state of 'management blank'. Not only is the new instrument lacking verification procedures and calibration specifications, but the original standards and procedures have also fallen behind and urgently need to be formulated, revised or invalidated. At present, the formulation or revision of textile instrument standards, procedures and calibration specifications are mostly spontaneous, and there is no financial support from the superior management department. Under this extremely difficult situation, the 'Electronic Fabric Strength Machine Verification Regulations' reported by the National Textile Metrology Station in 2003, after two years of fundraising by several enterprises, completed the formulation of the regulations. The newly formulated 'Verification Regulations for Electronic Textile Strength Tester' has made a historic breakthrough in the dynamic performance verification of the power tester. The paper 'Analysis of Dynamic Characteristics of Textile Electronic Power Tester and Verification Method Research' with the core content as the theme was awarded the No. The second prize of the eighth Chen Weiji paper; however, the procedure has not yet been officially approved and issued, which has greatly hurt the enthusiasm of the majority of metrology workers. 3. Disorderly market competition. Although my country's textile industry has developed rapidly, the total demand for textile instruments has not increased significantly; while domestic textile instrument manufacturers have increased a lot, many of which are separated from the original larger textile instrument factories. In the new factory, most of the products are the same as the original factory. There is not enough manpower and material resources to invest in the development and research of innovative instruments, and there is only a price war. The result is: disorderly market competition has led to the continuous decline of product prices, which in turn causes product costs to drop again and again, and it is difficult to guarantee quality and after-sales service. 4. The price restricts the improvement of the quality of the instrument. The low-price competition of domestic instruments has led to insufficient funds and poor technological innovation capabilities of textile instrument manufacturers. There is too little investment in new product development, insufficient human and material resources, and no multi-faceted investment. In theoretical research, the phenomenon of imitating foreign or mutual imitation is serious, and the key technology is difficult to break through. The development of domestic textile instruments in high-end products is still a long way to go.
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