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Main use and technical parameters of fabric strength machine

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-11
The main purpose of the fabric strength machine The fabric strength machine is used to test the mechanical properties of various textiles such as stretching, tearing, bursting, constant elongation, constant load, elasticity, suture slip, and peeling, and is widely used in rubber and plastics. , Leather, metal, wire, paper, packaging, building materials, petrochemical, electrical, and geotechnical materials for tensile, compression, bending, bonding, peeling, tearing, bursting, creep and other tests of force, elongation, Deformation test. [Technical parameters] 1. Test method: Measured according to the national constant velocity elongation (CRE) test principle, the whole process is controlled by a high-speed processor, and changes every moment (curve dynamic monitoring), and breaking strength, are recorded. Elongation at break (elongation), time, number of times, etc. 2. Force measuring system: Adopt high precision force measuring sensor dedicated to Jigao Instruments. 3. Test method: single yarn, fabric stretch, bursting, peeling, tongue tear, trapezoidal tear, constant elongation, constant load, underarm seam, suture slip (optional) 4. Measuring range: 500N / 1000 N / 2500N / 5000N / 10000N (optional) 5. Measuring accuracy: ≤±0.2%F.S6, Data sampling frequency: ≥1000 Hz7, Stretching speed: 1~500mm/min (arbitrarily set) 8. Recovery speed: 1~500mm/min (arbitrarily set) 9. Effective stroke: 600mm10, elongation resolution: 0.01mm 11. Sampling length: user arbitrarily configured (standard configuration: 100mm, 200mm) 12. Clamp Effective width: Optional according to needs (standard configuration: 110mm) 13. Maximum cumulative test times (maximum data capacity for continuous testing): 500 times (can be grouped arbitrarily) 14. Print: output various forms of print results 15. Power supply: AC220V± 10%50Hz16, overall dimensions: 690×500×1500mm (L×W×H) 17, weight: about 150 Kg
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