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Method for testing shrinkage rate of woolen sweaters

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-06
Wool sweaters have excellent elasticity, warmth retention and moisture absorption, soft luster and soft hand feeling, but they also have disadvantages such as poor dimensional stability, easy wrinkling, and easy deformation. The dimensional stability of woolen sweaters is the key to the quality of woolen sweaters, which can only be shown after wearing and washing. It has a certain degree of concealment and directly affects the wearability of sweaters. Only by selecting appropriate yarns and organizational structure, determining a reasonable finished product density and a reasonable selection of blank density, can the dimensional stability of the sweater be effectively improved. This article introduces the testing method for the shrinkage rate of woolen sweaters, hoping to provide a reference for manufacturers or textile testing departments. (For other textile functional testing programs, please move to: http://www.gnxcs.com/newslist/list-110-1.html) 1. Test samples of a certain brand woolen sweater fabric 2. Test equipment fabric shrinkage test machine (Supply European standard WascatorFOM 71CLS LAB washing machine) 3. Main standard FZ/T20010-1993 (Determination of the shrinkage rate of wool fabrics: Mild household washing methodUse standard atmosphere, using household washing and drying procedures. Experimental procedure: spread the sample in standard atmosphere on the workbench and adjust the humidity for 24 hours, place the humidity-conditioned sample flat on the workbench without tension, and measure the mark The distance between the samples is accurate to 1 mm, and the sample is treated twice according to the 7A procedure specified in GB/T 8629. The detergent is added during the experiment, and the detergent should be fully dissolved in water at 30°C. The treated sample is placed flat without tension Measure the size after placing it in the air on the workbench for 24 hours. 5. The experimental results record the dimensional changes of the sample before and after the test, calculate the shrinkage rate, and evaluate the dimensional stability of the test. 6. Conclusion This article introduces the shrinkage of the supplied fabric The method of testing the shrinkage rate of woolen sweaters by the rate tester. The test shows that the provided fabric shrinkage rate tester can meet the test conditions required for the test. At the same time, the equipment has a wide range of use, simple operation, high test accuracy, and repeated experimental results. Good performance and other advantages. It is a professional comprehensive supplier of material testing equipment and laboratory overall solutions. It is committed to providing professional one-stop laboratory technical services for manufacturers and traders. In addition to the fabric shrinkage test machine, The equipment provided by Standard Group includes aging test box, color fastness tester, pilling tester, water repellent and waterproof tester, thermal and moisture resistance tester, combustion tester, etc. Through the introduction of the most advanced international products , Integrate technical and service advantages, absorb common problem solving experience, provide domestic customers with optimized solutions, and drive the improvement of domestic scientific research and related industries. You can log on www.standard-groups.cn to view relevant equipment information, or call directly 021-64208466 consultation.
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