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my country will vigorously develop domestic shoe material testers in the future

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-03
Faced with the current situation that China’s large-scale instrument market is monopolized by foreign capital, relevant leaders stated that my country will vigorously develop domestic shoe material testers in the future, reduce industry production costs, and ensure fiscal funds through strict implementation of the government’s procurement law. Priority is given to purchasing domestic products. The leading technology with independent intellectual property rights of our country should be given preference when handling affairs. However, the current polarization of the shoe material tester industry in China is quite serious. At present, more than 60 listed companies at home and abroad use conventional equipment, and none of the companies with domestic originals and global leading technology can go public. There is no one that can achieve annual sales of more than 100 million yuan? Why is it so? Because companies with domestic original and global leading technologies have to face thresholds at the policy level. These obstacles must be faced at the level of enterprise development, namely, capital, the boss's mentality, character, mind, and the way of employing people.   First, a shoe material tester must obtain the corresponding qualification before entering the market, otherwise the product cannot be sold on the market. Product registration certificates are particularly difficult to obtain. It usually takes four to five years for companies, or even longer. As a result, companies that specialize in issuing registration certificates for enterprises have emerged in the society.   It is against the background that the difficulty of obtaining a certificate is so great: the state has decided to lower the threshold for capital entry into the shoe material tester industry, and further simplify the government's procedures. Respectively, they will provide guidance on the registration of innovative products and further simplify the re-registration requirements. Relevant people in the industry said that the introduction of relevant measures will help promote industrial mergers and integration, and will be more conducive to the development of innovative instrument companies.
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