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Office chair dynamic impact test

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-28
This test for each type of chair, aims to evaluate test chair bear significant external shocks. one Step 1 test. 1 put the chair above test platform. 1. 2 for seat height adjustable chair, seat cushion will be dispatched to the highest point. Other functions will be dispatched to normal conditions of use. If there is a castor, taste should be first to place it in the worst conditions ( Typical case is the castor and horse leg form an Angle of 90 degrees) 。 1. 3 will test sand/sandbag or other impact strength equal fixed connection in a can let their free fall on the seat of the device 1. 4 sand/sandbag placement should be present under the freedom of gasket around the edge of the central axis, and the distance from the top surface of the back of the chair can't more than 13 mm ( 0. 5) Fall, in the process of sand/sandbag can't contact with the back of the chair. Test procedure 2. Function of load test: 1. A diameter of 400 mm ( 16。 ) , 102 kg ( 225 LBS) Suspended sand/sandbag not compressed cushion above 152 mm ( 6in. ) Place, and let it free fall again. 2. Move the bed cleaning/sandbag, press 3. 1 to evaluate product acceptance level. 3. For seat height adjustable chair, seat cushion will be dispatched to the lowest point, and then repeat 1 and 2 2. 2 the destructive load test: 1. Repeat test steps, will test the weight of the sand/sandbag to 136 kg ( 300 LBS) The destructive load. 2. Will be suspended sand/sandbag not compressed cushion above 152 mm ( 6in. ) Place, and let it free fall again. 3. Move the bed cleaning/sandbag, press 3. To assess the product grade is accepted. 4. For chair height can be adjusted, the switch to low, repeat 1. 2. 3 three tests. It may take a chair to test to lowest. Note: if the second chair used to carry out destructive test, it must first be transferred to low, press 2. 1 to a functional impact load test. Accept level 3. 1 function: load the chair can't loss of usability. 3. 2 the destructive load: the interior structure of the chair can't sudden major changes, can accept the loss of usability. Instrument co. , LTD is located in the songshan lake high-tech industrial park, the most innovative features huazhong university of science and technology mechanical nc manufacturing engineering research and software research and development core team, professional production and research and development of all kinds of furniture testing instruments, toys, textile testing instrument testing instruments and general testing instrument. You are welcome to inquire
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