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Operating procedure of particle filtration efficiency tester

Operating procedure of particle filtration efficiency tester


The Particle Filtration Efficiency Tester developed and produced by GESTER is used to detect the particle filter efficiency of daily protective masks, medical masks, respirators and melting spraying cloth, also known as the particle filter efficiency tester pfe testing machine, particle filter efficiency test bench and mask filter performance tester, etc.

Particulate filter efficiency of filtering efficiency working principle of the tester is testing is under a certain air flow, with the concentration and particle size distribution of particles continue to penetrate filter element, the determination of "loaded" filter efficiency, namely simulating actual use process, particles on the filter material has a certain amount of deposition efficiency of dust (let) state, its detailed steps for operation:

一、Electricity to prepare

Before turning on the power supply of the host, it should be confirmed that the power supply is AC 220V 50Hz and the fluctuation range of the power supply voltage is no more than ±7%. Turn on the power supply, as shown in the welcome interface in Figure 4, and preheat the instrument with power on in the standard test environment for at least 30 minutes. If the warm-up time is less than 30 minutes, the test results will be affected.

二、Sample preparation

Make a certain number of samples to be tested. The number of samples shall generally not be less than 5. Visual inspection of the sample, the sample should be no obvious defects.

三、Pre-test preparation

(1) Add 2%NaCl solution and click the "Add Liquid" button to add solution to aerosol generator;
(2) Connect the air path and adjust the air source pressure of 0.1mpa.

四、Particle filtration efficiency (pfe) test experimenting

(1) Take the sample out of the pretreatment chamber, place the sample on the stainless steel mesh of the lower chamber, select the test mode, and click the button of "Clamp sample" to press the sample in the upper chamber. If the mask has folds, the folds are unrolled and fixed on the sample fixation device to ensure that the target area is a monolayer material; The center of the sample is used as the test area.

(2) Enter the test interface to set test parameters, and click [Test] to start the test; In the mass concentration test mode, the weight of the sample before and after the test shall be input into the interface of the test results, and the system automatically calculates the mass concentration value. The rest of the test mode, the test results will be displayed automatically after the test.

(3) Note: At the end of each test, click [flush] to clean the pipeline, and turn off the power button after the flushing.

五、Perform the next set of sample test cleaning
If you need to continue testing, repeat the above test steps.

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