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Operation Guide for Hook And Loop Tape Endurance Tester

Operation Guide for Hook And Loop Tape Endurance Tester


GESTER  is a professional textile testing equipment manufacturer. This article is Operation Guide for Hook And Loop Tape Endurance Tester.

Hook and Loop Fatigue Tester Test Principle

Install the hook and annular respectively on two rollers of this device. Stick them together under certain load and to generate repeated opening and closing motion through a certain times of forward and reversal rotating. After that, remove the sample and determine its peeling and shear strength testing on tensile tester.

Hook Loop Fastener Fatigue Testing Machine Test Steps

1. Turning on Velcro Fatigue Tester.

2. Select language, then enter into the home page.

3. Opening the chamber door.

4. lnstall the sample in the upper and lower rollers.

5. Put down the upper roller, make sure the two test pieces in both rollers are aligned.

6. Refer to the pressure table, install relative load weight and adjust the position of the block in the balance weight.

7. After that, close the door. (There is a safety device inserted in the door,so that the Hook And Loop Tape Endurance Tester can not run when the door is opening.)

8. Set the testing time or testing cycles.

9. When it up to the preset time or testing cycles, the machine will stop automatically.Then, take down the sample. Hook And Loop Tape Endurance Testing is done.

GESTER instruments is a national high-tech textile testing equipment manufacturers engaged in R&D and production of high precision physical properties textile testing instruments over 20 years experience. If you are interested in testing equipment , please contact us.

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