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Several methods to test the burning performance of fabrics

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-01
Textile products are closely related to human's daily life. From clothing to household items to home decorations, humans are in close contact with fabrics all the time. The burning characteristics of textiles is an implicit feature related to human safety. In production, processing, import and export transactions, this feature is also an important indicator for judging whether the fabric is qualified. For children's clothing, pajamas, bedding, carpets, curtains, etc., we require good flame retardancy, and we have higher requirements for the flame retardant properties of fire-fighting, military and aerospace textiles. Commonly used clothing fabrics, we also require them to be within a certain range of burning speed. The current methods for testing the burning characteristics of fabrics are as follows: 1. Vertical burning test method: ignite the sample from directly below the vertically suspended sample strip to test the continuous burning time, smoldering time and damage length or area of u200bu200bthe sample. To evaluate the flame retardant properties of textiles. This method is suitable for testing the burning characteristics of children's clothing, decorative fabrics, laminated fabrics, and coated fabrics. Compliant standards: ASTM D6413-99, DOC-FF 3/71, CALIF TB-117, GB/T 5455, CPAI-84. The test instrument is a vertical combustion tester. It is mainly composed of stainless steel combustion chamber (equipped with observation doors and windows), automatic ignition system, timing system, sample fixture, gas supply system, etc. After the standard ignition time, the continuous burning and smoldering time of the fabric can be accurately recorded through the buttons on the control panel and the timing display device to judge its burning characteristics. 2. Horizontal flammability test method: For a horizontally placed sample ignited to the standard time, the flame spread distance and time are measured, and the flame spread rate is used to characterize the flame retardant properties of the fabric. This law is suitable for testing all kinds of textiles, especially automotive interior fabrics. Compliant standards are: ISO 3795, FMVSS 302, DIN 75200, SAE J369, ASTM D5132, JIS D1201, AU169, FZ/T 01028. The test instrument is a horizontal combustion tester. The instrument is equipped with a sealed stainless steel combustion chamber and observation window, which is resistant to high temperature and pressure. It adopts a suspended tympanic membrane structure with a steel spring and a damping system for smooth operation. Equipped with sample holder and portal burner, the sample holder can be moved up and down and left and right. The basic mode is equipped with manual timing control. Equipped with automatic gas control system, including electromagnetic control gas valve, automatic ignition timer and controller. 3. 45-degree combustion test method: Ignite a sample placed in a 45-degree direction, and measure the time required for the flame to burn a certain distance upward on the sample, or measure the continued combustion and smoldering time, damaged area and damage after the sample burns Length, or the number of times the flame needs to be lifted when measuring the sample burning to a certain distance from the lower end of the sample. This law is applicable to the flammability test of clothing textiles. Compliant standards are: ASTM D1230, FTMS 191-5908, CFR 16 Part1610, CAL IF TB117, NFPA702, GB/T 14644 The test instrument is a 45-degree combustion tester, and the configuration is similar to the above two combustion testers. All contain ignition system, timing system, gas supply system and basic combustion chamber and bracket. According to the standard, the ignition time is much shorter than the above two instruments, generally 1s. After the fabric is ignited, it burns to the cotton thread, the cotton thread burns and the heavy hammer falls, which triggers the instant stop switch, and the display shows the burning time. 4. Other special test methods and instruments for some specific materials: 1. Leather material horizontal burning performance tester 2. Bed carpet burning tester 3. Carpet burning tester 4. Sleeping bag burning tester 5. Curtain burning test More about combustion testing equipment: http://www.standard-groups.com/FlammabilityTesting/
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