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Summary of flame retardant test standards for common fabrics

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-06
With the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for quality of life and safety are getting higher and higher. We cannot do without textiles in terms of daily life’s clothing, food, housing and transportation. However, textiles are a kind of flammable materials that are prone to fire. So how to control textiles Flame retardancy, the following are the reference standards. Flame retardant performance standards of textile paving materials/carpets: ISO 6925: Flooring fabrics-Burning performance-Tablet test at room temperature ISO 9239: Floor coverings response to fire test EN 1869: Fire Blankets/ extinguishing blanket BS 4790: Small ignition Method for the determination of the influence of the source on the floor coverings (hot metal nut method) BS 6307: Method for the determination of the influence of the small fire source on the floor coverings (the methylamine sheet test) DIN V18035: Sporting grounds/ sports ground DIN 4102-14: Building materials and Fire resistance of components. Use a radiator to determine the burning characteristics of floor covering systems. 16 CFR 1630: Standard for the surface flammability of carpets and carpet sheets 16 CFR 1631: Standard for the surface flammability of carpets and carpet sheets ASTM E648: Use radiation Heat source testing the critical radiant flux of floor materials ASTM D4151: Standard Test Method for Flammability of Blankets SOR/91-264: Hazardous Product Regulations (Carpet) Test Standard for Flame Retardant Performance of Clothing Fabrics: EN 470: Protective Clothing for Welding and Similar Processing General requirements EN ISO 11612 (EN 531): Protective clothing for workers working in hot environments EN ISO 15025 (EN 532): Protective clothing. Heat and fire protection. Test methods under limited flame spread conditions EN ISO 14116 (EN 533) ): Protective clothing. Heat-resistant and flame-retardant. Materials and material components that limit the spread of flames GB/T 8965: Protective clothing-Flame-retardant protection BS EN 14878: Textile materials. Burning characteristics of children's sleepwear. Specification BS 5722: For sleepwear Flammability Specifications for Fabrics and Jumpsuit Fabrics 16 CFR 1610: Flammability Standards for Textiles and Garments 16 CFR 1615/1616: Flammability Standards for Children’s Pajamas: Sizes from 0 to 6X / 7 to 14 ASTM D1230: Flammability Standards for Clothing Textiles Test Method ASTM D6545: Standard Test Method for Flammability of Textiles Used in Children's Nightwear NFPA 702: Standard for Flammability Levels of Clothing FTMS 191: Standard for Testing Methods of Coated Fabrics SOR/87-443: Hazardous Products Regulations (Children's Nightwear) JIS L1091: Textiles Flammability test method AS 2755.1/2/3: Textile fiber-flammability AS/NZS 1249: Standard for children's pajamas and general clothing to reduce the risk of fire GB/T 17591: Flame retardant fabrics / Flame retardant fabrics outdoor camping products flame retardant performance test Standard: CPAI 75: Sleeping bag burning rate test standard CPAI 84: Specification for flame-retardant fireproof materials for camping tents ASTM F1955: Standard test method for flammability of sleeping bags ASTM F1989: Standard specification for fireproof blankets for cooking ASTM D4151: Blankets Standard test method for flammability BS 7157: Test method for the flammability of textiles used in the construction of large tents BS 5576: Fire safety specification for camping tents, awnings, trailer awnings and caravan awnings BS 6341: Specification for fabrics for camping tents SOR/90 -245: Hazardous Products Regulations (tents) EN1869: Fire Blankets / fire blanket AS/NZS 3504: Fire blankets / fire blankets curtain and textile fabric flame retardant performance test Product range: ISO 6940: textile fabrics. Flammability. Vertical sample easy Determination of ignitability ISO 6941: Textile fabrics. Flammability. Determination of flame spread of vertically oriented specimens EN 13773: Fabrics and textiles-Flammability-Curtains and curtains-Classification table EN 1101: Textiles and textile products. Curtains and curtains Test procedure for flammability (small flame) of vertically arranged specimens EN 1102: Textiles and textile products. Burning properties. Curtains. Flame vertical burning test procedure EN 1103: Textiles. Clothing fabrics. Procedure for the determination of flammability BS 5857-2: Measurement method of fluid flow in sealed pipes using tracer. Part 2: Measurement of gas flow BS 5438: Test fiber flammability under conditions where the front or bottom edge of a vertically oriented specimen encounters a small flame Method DIN 4102-1: Fire performance of building materials and components. Part 1: Building materials. Concepts, requirements and tests. NFPA 701: Textiles and curtain burning flame propagation test method CAN/ULC S109: Fire protection of flame retardant fabrics and curtains Test AS 1530: Fire test method for building materials and components
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