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Summary of GB 31241 weight impact test method

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-12-17
Jester battery weight impact testing machine is suitable for batteries, battery ( Or battery pack) Under different quality of heavy objects from different heights through free-fall impact in batteries, battery ( Or battery pack) Products, lead to internal short circuit of destructive test, through the observation test results for evaluation of batteries, battery ( Or battery pack) Safety performance. The machine design standards meet UN38. 3, GB31241, UL1642, UL2054, IEC62133 test standard. Jester is a test of high precision, good ability of explosion-proof pressure and steady operation of mature products, is the battery production enterprises, the production enterprises, inspection agencies, government departments, universities and research institutions test will choose a device. GB 31241 - 2014 'portable electronic products with lithium ion batteries and battery safety requirements' 7. Description of 7 heavy impact test method: 1, experimental purposes: to batteries or battery in accordance with the relevant provisions of test method, on the surface of the platform, the diameter of 15. 8毫米± 0. 2 mm metal bar cross in the center of the cell geometry on the surface, the quality of 9. ±1公斤 0. A weight of 1 kg from 610 mm & plusmn; The heights of the 25 mm freefall hit the battery with our metal surface, automatic reset after the impact, and observed for 6 h. 2, test requirements: 2. 1. For cylindrical battery impact test, longitudinal axis parallel to the weight on the surface of metal bar and battery vertical axis to the vertical; 2. 2. Square cells and only soft packaging impact test was carried out on the width; 2. 3. Button cell during impact test center of metal bar across cell surface. 2. 4. 1 as a sample do only a shock test. 3, test results: the battery should be no fire, no explosion we meet GB31241 - battery safety testing equipment 2014 test requirements of the equipment and needle-punching machine, extrusion machine, battery is combustion battery tester, battery short circuit tester, battery low pressure test chamber, constant temperature and humidity test battery box, electromagnetic vibration table, the acceleration falling impact tester, battery tester, battery thermal shock ( Thermal abuse) Testing machine, welcome to choose and buy. Tags: & nbsp  battery weight impact tester & nbspGB31241 weight impact test method & NBSP battery impact test
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