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Universal tensile testing machine

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-12-16

Universal tensile testing machine: what time do you oil change is most suitable for types of universal testing machine oil change notice: 

1, bit by bit, pay attention to is still the position of oil source behind farmar with internal things. 

2, if it is the type of so simple.

3, put oil: pipe of what all don't move; 

4, behind a discharge of oil tank, raise your tensile testing machine control cabinet; 

5, open the discharge of oil, oil discharge; Raise the control cabinet of time attention computer line such as; 

6, if not convenient, need to dismantle the pipe, such as line, must mark hurt before; 

7, to avoid incorrect connection to happen; 

8, the oil cylinder is placed on testing machine type or oil cylinder underneath type; 

9, equipment with microcomputer control ( Such as: microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine ( Floor) ; 

10, or a digital display screen ( Such as: we - B series digital display type hydraulic universal testing machine) Reading; 

11, the digital display is similar to the oil source of general computer; 

12, if electronic universal material testing machine control system is to read disk ( Is the numerical degree through a dial call dial) So oil change trouble points; 

13, oil source can't move; 

14, a drain on the side of oil source, find a bit shorter container. How to encourage universal tensile testing machine: 

1, the control cabinet to lay down their original position, dismantle the pipe; 

2, the pipe connected to add oil, fuel tank with a filler; 

3, because there is a filter, so come on speed will slowly, 

4, if give computerized universal testing machine oil is very clean, you can choose without filter.

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