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What about the technology used by GESTER?
The technology adopted by GESTER International Co.,Limited currently is the most applicable. The input into technology is significant each year. In future, we will upgrade the technology so as to keep pace with the world.

Being a well-positioned and reliable manufacturer, GESTER has gained many years of experience in the production of manual crockmeter. GESTER's abrasion resistance tester series contains multiple sub-products. With superior encapsulating material and encapsulating equipment, GESTER Down Proof Testing Machine has a good performance in high luminous flux and brightness. Its stainless steel raw materials make it easy to clean. The product emits virtually no IR or UV and it has energy efficiency, which allows it has a preferred selection including light quality and distribution, and expected lifetime. It can function normally even under low temperature and high pressure.

our company will enhance the reputation of shoe sole testing products. Inquire!
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