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What is the Safety Shoe Impact Tester

What is the Safety Shoe Impact Tester


What is impact testing?

Impact testing is used to analyze the resistance of a material. The test involves looking at the material when it experiences a shock that causes the sample to fracture, deform, or break.Impact testing is used to study the hardness of a materials; in other words, how it behaves when it experiences an impact and its ability to absorb energy during plastic deformation. 

About the Safety Shoe Impact Tester Principle

This Impact Tester is equipped with a steel striker in the required mass. When release striker, it would drop down freely on the vertical guides from a certain height to give certain impact energy. With mechanism provision to catch the striker after the first strike to ensure the toe cap would be hit for only once. Alarm before the striker falls down.


Safety Footwear Impact Tester is used for impact resistance of safety shoes. Impact steel head of safety shoes by 100J or 200J kinetic energy, and inspect it subsidence to check it quality.


1. Safety Shoes Impact Tester equip with protection fence, to avoid hazardous objects splash.

2. Control box separate with impactor, to protect personnel security.

3. Safety Footwear Impact Tester equip with electromagnet absorption device and automatically grab impact head to set height.

4. Safety Footwear Impact Resistance Test Equipment with two buffer cylinder, to avoid second impact.

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