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Troubleshooting Method Of Zipper Reciprocating Pulling Test Machine

Troubleshooting Method Of Zipper Reciprocating Pulling Test Machine


The zipper reciprocating pull testing machine will inevitably fail after being used for a long time. when the failure of what should we do? Gester Instrument Co., Ltd. summarizes some common faults and treatment methods of the zipper reciprocating pulling test machine, and users can refer to them when they encounter faults.

Troubleshooting and handling:

A. There is no display when the power is turned on

1. No electricity. Check the power cords or sockets.

2. The power indicator is damaged. Replace the indicator light.

B. The power on indicator light, but the machine does not work

1. Relay disconnection. Check whether there is any relay disconnection or disconnection, such as disconnection or disconnection, please connect in time.

2. The relay is damaged. If there is no disconnection or disconnection of the relay, it means that the relay is damaged and should be replaced in time.

C. If the power indicator light is on, the counter has no display.

It means that the counter is damaged, and the counter needs to be replaced.

D. When the test to the counter set the number of times, the motor still does not stop working

1, the counter is damaged, replace the counter.

2. After the counter is set, the reset button is not pressed to write. The counter should be written by pressing the reset button after setting the number of times

The zipper reciprocating pull testing machine produced by GESTER has high technical content, stable performance and long service life. When the instrument fails, the user can contact us at any time through the hotline or E-mail, and our technical team will propose a solution in a short time.

Slide Fasteners Reciprocating Tester Zipper Testing Machine is used to do a variety of zipper reciprocating tests, by testing in a continuous back and forth action. The ultimate aim is to test the zipper to create a distance between joints, loose or connector failure, fluff, wear, etc.

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