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What is the Whole Shoes Flexing Tester

What is the Whole Shoes Flexing Tester


What is the De Mattia Flexing Resistance Tester GT-C40

The Coated Fabric De Mattia Flexing Resistance Tester GT-C40 is suitable to determine resistance to damage by flexing for rubber or plastics coated fabrics. In this article, we delve into the testing methods and underlying principles of this apparatus to illuminate its significance in the realm of material testing.

Principle of Operation

A rectangular strip of coated fabric is folded twice so that its long edges meet forming a strip measuring 125mm*12.5mm. This folded strip is mounted between a pair of flat grips, one of which reciprocates, causing the folded test piece to be sent outwards five times per second. This high-speed folding of the test piece is continued for either a pre-set number of cycles or until damage to the test piece is apparent.

Testing Procedures

1、Turn on the De Mattia Flexing Tester: Turn the power switch counterclockwise.

2、Install the sample:

1)Open the protective cover, loosen the upper and lower fixtures with the matched tools.

2)Take a standard sample with a standard template, fold the sample inward twice. (The leather coating should be applied to the outer surface.)

3)Plug one end of the sample into the upper fixture, center the sample and lock the upper fixture. Before install the lower fixture, click “Set” into the setting interface, click “Down/Right Reset” reset the lower fixture to the lowest point, then plug the other end of the sample into the lower fixture, straight the sample and lock the lower fixture.

Close the protective cover.

3、Parameter setting:

1)Select the ”English” interface, click ”Set” into the parameter setting.

2)Two models for selection : ”Timer” and ”Counter”, click to select “Counter” model.

3)Click the digital section of “Counter set” and set the test times. After setting, click “Return” back to the main interface, click “Zero” to clear the data, then click “Start” to test.

4. Observation of samples: 

The machine will stop automatically when it runs to the set number of times. Open the protective cover, take off the sample and observe the surface condition of the sample after testing.)

Detailed Parameters and Standards

The demattia flexing tester boasts a range of parameters and adheres to stringent standards, ensuring accurate and reliable testing results:

1) Grips: Equipped with 6 pairs of grips, facilitating simultaneous testing of multiple samples.

2) Rotating Speed: Operates at a precise rotating speed of 5.0Hz±0.2Hz (equivalent to 300±12r/min), ensuring consistency in testing conditions.

3) Grips Width: Grips feature an outer diameter of 22mm, providing ample support while minimizing stress concentrations on the test piece.

4) Test Track: Employs a vertical linear motion test track, ensuring uniform flexing across the entire length of the test piece.

5) Test Stroke: Offers a test stroke of 57mm±0.5mm, accommodating a range of sample sizes and configurations.

6) Grip Space: Provides adjustable grip spacing, with a maximum spacing of 70mm±1mm and a minimum spacing of 13mm±0.5mm, allowing for flexibility in sample mounting.

7) Dimensions: The apparatus measures 40x36x1375px (width x depth x height), offering a compact footprint suitable for laboratory settings.

8) Weight: Weighing approximately 30kg, the tester combines robust construction with ease of handling.

9) Power Supply: Operates on a single-phase AC 220V 50Hz 3A power supply, ensuring compatibility with standard electrical systems.

10) Standards: Complies with internationally recognized standards, including ISO 7854-Method A, BS 3424:Part9 Method A, and GB/T 12586 Method A, ensuring the reliability and validity of test results.

11) Standard Accessory: Includes a sampling plate, facilitating the consistent preparation and mounting of test samples.

In conclusion, the Coated Fabric De Mattia Flexing Resistance Tester GT-C40 stands as a cornerstone in the evaluation of material durability and performance. By elucidating its testing methods, principles, and parameters, this discourse aims to underscore the importance of rigorous material testing in ensuring product quality and consumer satisfaction. As industries continue to innovate and evolve, the need for reliable testing methodologies becomes increasingly paramount, with instruments like the demattia flexing tester playing a pivotal role in meeting these demands.

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