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When will domestic testing instruments solve the worries of 'not being sold'

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-18
Nowadays, domestic scientific instruments are no worse than imported instruments in terms of price, quality or performance. However, laboratories and enterprises still choose to purchase imported instruments. When will the long-standing mismatch between instrument development and application change? 'In 2013, the import of laboratory analytical instruments was 6.294 billion U.S. dollars, the export was 1.456 billion U.S. dollars, and the trade deficit was 4.838 billion U.S. dollars. From 2009 to 2013, the deficit continued to increase.' Ouyang Liang, director of the Exhibition and Communication Department of China Instrument and Meter Industry Association, said in a heavy tone at the evaluation technical service promotion meeting.  Scientific instruments are equivalent to the 'hidden' military industry, which is an area where countries must compete. The level of innovation, manufacturing and application of scientific instruments all reflect the technological and industrial strength of a country. However, how to accelerate the rapid development of the domestic scientific instrument industry has always been a lingering pain in the industry. The embarrassment of domestic testing-equipment' target='_blank'>testing equipment is difficult to solve. 'I have been to many laboratories and saw many high-end imported instruments idle. I went to a laboratory of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences before the Spring Festival. I purchased the instruments in 2008. By the beginning of 2014, I had shared no more than 30 times, it’s a pity to be left unused there.' Professor Xing Zhi from the Analysis Center of Tsinghua University said, 'Imported instruments bought for hundreds of thousands, or even millions, are often afraid to dismantle or move in the laboratory. When the baby is locked in That.”   Imported scientific instruments have long occupied the main market. Yu Hongjun, director of the Project Supervision Office of the Engineering Construction Service Center of the Ministry of Agriculture, once pointed out that among the agricultural product quality and safety supervision and inspection agencies, the proportion of imported equipment from ministerial centers accounts for 90%, and the proportion of imported equipment from provincial centers accounts for 70%-80. %. Even the county and regiment-level organizations have more than 50% of imported equipment. For some projects with a total investment of 3 to 4 million yuan, more than 2 million was spent on the purchase of imported equipment and instruments. The only money left is to do experiments. Laboratory construction, its laboratory conditions can be imagined.   For a long time, the bidding process of domestic instruments and meters has been controversial. County-level units frequently purchase imported products at high prices, and it often happens that imported products are purchased for products with a high degree of localization such as pure water meters and centrifuges. Some units even take pride in having imported instruments.   Frozen three feet is not a day's cold. The bleak sales of domestic instruments in the market stems from long-term backwardness. But don’t take three days and look at it with admiration. Today's domestically produced instruments are not what they used to be.   'In the past ten years, the gap between domestic manufacturers and foreign products has narrowed. Compared with price, quality and performance, it has strengthened our confidence.' Ouyang Liang said. 'Suzhou Sutest Instrument Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Dongling Vibration Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd. have developed a high-thrust electrodynamic vibration experimental system of more than 40 tons, which has made great contributions to the development of my country's carrier rockets, satellite launches, and manned spaceflight. The OPA-200 metal in-situ analyzer developed by the company is the world's first rapid analysis instrument that can quantitatively distribute the composition and state of metal materials in a large area.' Speaking of domestically produced instruments, Ouyang Liang is like a treasure.   However, on the one hand, I bought imported instruments at a high price and were reluctant to use them. On the other hand, domestically made instruments with high cost performance were not sold, and there was no opportunity for testing and verification. The embarrassing situation of domestic testing equipment has existed for a long time. Establishing a third-party platform to provide authoritative evaluation 'Researchers dare not waste their own money and time.' Yuan Jinghe, an associate researcher of the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, once said, 'No matter how cheap you (domestic instruments) are, I don't have the time and energy to evaluate you.' The problem he reflected directly refers to the long-term mismatch between instrument development and application. 
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