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Which textile instruments will be used in daily processing

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-19
  When you hear the term textile, you may think of a factory or processing site where weaving fabrics. However, the process of textile production in a factory is not simple. Workers in the factory will consider various aspects such as the characteristics of textiles and the performance of textile equipment to produce textiles that meet the standards. So, which textile instruments the factory will use, this article will tell you through the following snippets.  Wool, as a renewable resource, can be reused. At the same time, wool is more sensitive to temperature, so factories use wool spinning machines for wool processing. These machines will process wool into yarn and will process the appropriate fabric according to the customer's needs. Secondly, the wool remaining in the process can be knitted into blankets, thereby reducing material waste.  At the same time, when the fabric is processed, the fabric needs to be dyed as necessary. Under normal circumstances, dyeing will be carried out according to market demand or buyer's request. At this time, a bleaching and dyeing machine is used to dye the fabric. Among them, the dye will be uniformly applied to the substrate, and then the necessary bleaching will be carried out to remove the pigment and natural dye in the fiber, so that the fabric can obtain better results.
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