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Wooden furniture test equipment types

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-14
Many people may not know much about what types woodiness furniture testing instrument, it now by Tony instrument to introduce for everybody. Generally speaking, the wooden furniture testing instruments can be divided into raw materials testing instruments and test equipment. Wood raw material test project is roughly divided into plate structure performance test, ate test for metal parts, hinge, paint coating testing. Based on standard GB18580 - roughly 2001年,GB18584 - 2001年,GB / T9758。 1 GB / T18103 GB / T17657, GB / T4893。 4,GB12626。 6. 7. 8. 9, GB/T5102, GB/T3325, GB1730, GB1732, GB1763, GB1743 national standards. Finished product testing is based on GB/T10357 wooden furniture. 1 - 7,BS4875 - 5、EN12521 EN581 - 1,EN581 - 3,EN4875 - 5, EN1730 and other related standards. Instruments to provide test equipment are: wood moisture meter, electronic universal testing machine, formaldehyde climate test box, wood gloss meter, paint film is the pencil scratch hardness meter, paint film adhesion tester, impact, cupboard door hinge durability tester, chair stool stability tester, such as testing equipment, the main test its structural strength and durability. Suitable for all kinds of families, hotels, restaurants, outdoor occasions such as the use of all kinds of instrument company's main textile testing instrument factory finished product, test instrument, universal instruments, toys, furniture tensile machine, flame retardant test instrument, etc. Company mailbox market @ gester - 仪器。 com +86- 595 - 22515230 jobs: the manager phone: + 86 - 595 - Fax: 22515230-0769 23394660 QQ: 63765035: postal address: 523808 songshan lake high-tech industrial development zone technology nine road no. 1's official website: http://www. tony0769. com/
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