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American Standard Shrinkage Dryer | American Standard Shrinkage Tester | Whirlpool Washing Machine

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-04
The American Standard Whirlpool Shrinkage Tester is composed of a washing machine and a clothes dryer (dryer). It is a standard shrinkage tester designated by AATCC in the United States. After one or more washings, test the shrinkage or elongation of the textiles, and grade the washed samples to formulate care labels for clothing, clothing, etc. Feature control system-the washing machine has a water-repellent leaf and temperature control system, which can provide better washing effect and precise washing temperature; the dryer has an induction drying system and a quiet drying system and cold wind anti-wrinkle, which can accurately control drying Time and provide a low-noise working environment. Operating system-touch the panel, a variety of programs, a variety of temperatures, and a variety of water levels can be selected. Washing capacity: 10.5 kg / 23 lbs. Details: 1, 10 washing programs (standard, daily, large, slim, dipping, extra strong cleaning, etc.) 2, 3 washing options including additional water level 3, 4 levels Choice of 4, 4 kinds of water temperature choices 5. Built-in quiet washing system 6. Both sides convection water paddle 7. Scratch-resistant polyester enamel machine top and door 8. Double-layer polished enamel drum 9. Double shock absorber effect 10. Machine Lid lock indicator light 11, automatic balance correction system 12, spray water 13, add clothes in the middle of 14, automatic cleaning fiber filter screen 15, softener compartment, bleach compartment Technical parameter name Dryer parameter Washer/dryer Machine Introduction 10/59 Product Features 4/35 Washing Machine Water Level Selection 4-stage Washing Machine Rotation Type Stirring Washing Capacity/Drying Capacity 10.5kg(23lbs)/ 10.5kg(23lbs) Dimensions Length x Width x Height (LxWxH): 68cmx8465cmx106cm/length x width x height (LxWxH): 73cmx65cmx106cm weight 80kg/70kg configuration optional accessories: AATCC 1993 with fluorescent washing powder, AATCC standard aggravated with wash cloth, color-fast pen after washing, AATCC standard shrinkage percentage ruler, AATCC standard Print ruler. Standards: AATCC 88B, AATCC 88C, AATCC 124, AATCC 130, AATCC 135, AATCC142, AATCC 143, AATCC 150, AATCC 159, AATCC 172, AATCC 179, AATCC188 Reasons for choosing us: 1. We have a professional post-service team , The company has been engaged in the textile testing industry for more than ten years, and has accumulated rich practical experience. It can handle various problems in a timely and fast manner, and relieve customers from worries; 2. Complete spare parts are available to solve the long delivery period of ordering spare parts; 3. , Provide outsourcing AATCC standard washing machine and dryer maintenance services; 4. We keep up to date with industry standards, timely provide testing instruments that meet the updated standards, and provide personal testing and consulting services; 5. A large number of stock supplies are welcome all year round. Customers call for enquiries! For more information: http://www.standard-groups.com/
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