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American Textile Association: Supporting the imposition of tariffs on Chinese textiles and finished garments

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-05
On May 17, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) held a hearing on China's 301 tariffs in Washington, DC. Auggie Tantillo, president and CEO of the National Association of Textile Organizations (NCTO), attended the hearing and testified. 'The US textile industry strongly supports the Trump administration's 301 clause to sanction China's rampant intellectual property theft.' Auggie Tantillo said at the meeting. 'The U.S. textile industry urges the Trump administration to include textiles and finished clothing products in the retaliatory 301 tariff measures against China.' Tantillo added that China’s predatory and illegal trade operations, including the theft of intellectual property rights, have caused countless Millions of American manufacturing jobs were lost, including thousands of jobs in the textile industry. 'China's dominant position in the global textile market is obviously helped by its rampant theft of intellectual property rights in American textiles. From patent infringements on high-performance fibers, yarns and fabrics to copyright infringements on textiles and household products, China has gained a pricing advantage through blatantly illegal activities. The imposition of 301 tariffs on Chinese textile and clothing exports will send a long overdue signal to China that these predatory behaviors will no longer be tolerated.' Tantillo said. In addition to Tantillo's hearing testimony, the NCTO, the U.S. Industrial Textile Institute (USIFI) and the Narrow Fabrics Institute (NFI) submitted a 24-page joint statement as part of the U.S. Trade Representative’s public comment process. A previous USTR statement stated that the public can submit written comments on the contents of the list and tax rates to the Office of the Trade Representative before May 11. The Office of the United States Trade Representative announced on April 3, based on the results of the '301 InvestigationNCTO is a trade association headquartered in Washington, DC, representing domestic textile manufacturers in the United States. The following are some relevant data about the US apparel and textile industry in the past two years: In 2017, the number of employees in the US textile supply chain reached 550,500. In 2017, U.S. shipments of textiles and clothing were $77.9 billion. The U.S. exports of fibers, textiles and clothing in 2017 were 28.6 billion US dollars. In 2016, the total capital expenditure for textile and apparel production was US$2.4 billion. (This is the most recent year for which data is available)
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