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Analysis of requirements for surface burning test of carpets and cushions (16 CFR 1630)

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-14
16 CFR 1630 is a standard test for the surface burning of carpets and mats. This standard provides a test method for determining the flammability of carpets and mats under the conditions of designated small fire sources. 1. Definition and Scope 16 CFR 1630 is applicable to carpets used in homes, offices or hotels that are not adhered by mechanical methods (such as nails, etc.), with a unidirectional size greater than 1.83 m and a surface area greater than 2.23 m2. 16 CFR 1631 is applicable to carpets used in homes, offices or hotels that are not adhered by mechanical methods (such as nails, etc.), with one-way dimensions not greater than 1.83 m and surface areas not greater than 2.23 m2. 2. Combustion performance requirements The two standards stipulate that if the size of the scorched part of the sample is within the range of 2.54 cm (1.0 in), then this single sample meets the requirements. Among the 8 given samples, if at least 7 samples meet the standard requirements, the carpet is considered qualified. The standard also stipulates that the sample size is 22.86×22.86 cm2 (9×9 in.2), and 8 samples need to be subjected to the combustion performance test after humidity control. The test report must be given to the retailer or distributor. There should be a test report for each carpet with a length of 22860 m, and an additional report for every 45720 m increase in length. If the carpet has undergone flame-retardant treatment, or contains flame-retardant treated fibers, 'T' should be marked on the carpet. For 16 CFR 1631 medium and small carpets, if they do not meet the flammability requirements, the following information must be permanently marked on the product before it can be sold: FLAMMABLE (FAILS US DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE STANDARD FF 2-70): SHOULD NOT BE USED NEAR SOURCES OF IGNITION.3. Recall of substandard products: The Consumer Product Safety Commission requires the recall of products that do not comply with the Flammable Fabric Act (FFA). Substandard products can be recalled from distributors, retailers and final consumers. 16 CFR 1630 related standards: 16 CFR 1631 Standard test for the surface flammability of carpets and cushions 16 CFR 1631 (FF 1-70) STANDARD FOR THE SURFACE FLAMMABILITY OF Small CARPETS AND RUGS
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