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Analysis of several key points in laboratory planning

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-10
With the continuous increase of domestic scientific research investment, many companies have established their own scientific research laboratories, and then different types of laboratories have different institutions and distributions. However, regardless of the type of laboratory, the following key points need to be paid attention to. Regarding sexual issues, the Standards Group has undertaken a variety of laboratory planning, design and construction work, and has rich experience. Let’s briefly introduce some key points of laboratory planning. According to the principles of ergonomics, the health laboratory designs and layouts the laboratory, especially for the working habits and body conditions of the Chinese people. Special design and treatment of harmful exhaust gas and waste water that may be produced by experimental equipment are carried out to protect the health of test personnel. Scientifically design the fresh air exhaust system of the laboratory to make the laboratory air exchange rate and wind speed meet the requirements of international standards. Safety laboratory safety is always the first priority. Only a safe laboratory can give full play to the value of the laboratory. Correctly design laboratory equipment, ventilation, and media systems, rationally select materials, and standardize construction to ensure timely handling of accidents in emergency situations. Fully consider the emergency situation and minimize the factors that endanger life and safety in the emergency situation. Use safety protection measures that comply with international standards. The environmental protection laboratory insists on selecting high-quality environmentally friendly raw materials. Pay attention to the considerations of dust prevention, noise prevention and pollution prevention. Ensure that laboratory wastewater and exhaust gas meet the discharge standards. In order to save costs, many laboratories have reduced their costs in terms of materials. Although the overall construction costs have been reduced, for laboratory operators, there will be many hidden dangers, such as personnel health and laboratory life. Applicable laboratory design is a personalized solution tailored specifically for customers, which satisfies customers' current needs well, and at the same time fully considers the space for future development. Many companies will also ignore this, just planning and design for the purpose of building a laboratory, without considering the practicality of the actual operation, or because the design company lacks relevant experience. Applicability laboratory makes the operation of the laboratory more efficient and convenient.
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