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Analyze the development prospects of my country's textile instrument industry

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-26
Textile instrument is an instrument specially used for testing the performance of textiles. In our country, weaving has always been a traditional and modern craft. Weaving has a long history and different skills, but they are all relatively complicated and require a wide range of textile equipment.   Since the reform and opening up, the research and development of textile testing instruments across the country has shown a vigorous development. Among them, some high-tech testing instruments have reached the world level. Such as capacitive fiber length meter, secondary pressure difference fiber fineness meter, automatic single yarn strength meter, evenness meter, dynamic fiber orientation measuring instrument, etc. On the basis of long-term research and development, my country has successfully developed computer-controlled frame length gauges, yarn twist gauges, fabric wrinkle elastic gauges and other instruments. It has a warm body bronzer with sweating function, photoelectric black slats, and cotton. Fiber high-capacity test function unit and other achievements. At present, the expansion of my country’s textile industry has slowed down significantly, and the progress of industrial upgrading marked by humanization, automation, and intelligence is accelerating. Textile machinery and equipment companies must accelerate the pace of development of automation and intelligence, and cooperate with the textile industry to complete the industry as soon as possible. upgrade.
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