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Announcement of Tender for On-site Law Enforcement Recorder of Traffic Police Brigade of Jinyun County Public Security Bureau

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-06
News (reproduced in-China International Bidding Network): Jinyun County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade on-site law enforcement recorder tender announcement! Pursuant to the “Government Procurement Law of the People’s Republic of China” and other relevant regulations, and with the approval of the government procurement management department, the Jinyun County Public Resource Exchange Center (Government Procurement Center) was entrusted by the Jinyun County Public Security Bureau’s Traffic Police Brigade to conduct on-site enforcement recorder government procurement projects Second) Conduct competitive negotiations and welcome qualified domestic suppliers to negotiate. 1. Negotiation item number: JYZFCG Negotiation 2014-86 2. Negotiation item overview (content, use, quantity, brief technical requirements): Purchase 100 on-site law enforcement recorders, purchase budget: Three hundred twenty thousand yuan (¥32,0000.00) Item No. Item Content Quantity Unit Brief Technical Requirements, Use Remarks 1 Law Enforcement Recorder 1 Batch 3. Negotiation Supplier Qualification Requirements: Participating in this government procurement activity should comply with Article 22 of the 'Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China' The regulations and the following requirements are met: 1. Manufacturers or agents or distributors with independent legal personality and ability to independently assume civil liability, and capable of producing and after-sales service of law enforcement recorders for civilian police. Agents and distributors must have a manufacturer The original copy of the only authorization letter for this project and the copy of the authorization certificate of the manufacturer's specific maintenance point in Zhejiang Province; 2. The delivered goods require the 'GA/T947-2011 Single Police Law Enforcement Vision' issued by the Special Police Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the Ministry of Public Security The latest corresponding list of companies in the 'Audio Recorder' catalog, and a copy of the test report issued by the Special Police Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the Ministry of Public Security for the same type of goods or the same type of product. Need to be stamped with the official seal of the catalog company (ie the manufacturer) and the bidder; 3. Have strong localization service capabilities, and bidders from other provinces must have maintenance points in Zhejiang Province, with permanent service and technical support for the bid products Organization, and equipped with a strong professional technical team, to provide quick after-sales service response; 4. This project does not accept consortium bidding. The bidding qualification adopts the post-review system. Acceptance of bidders’ registration or submission of bid documents does not indicate that they have obtained bid qualifications. The bidders who have passed the qualification examination at the bid opening meeting are qualified to bid. 4. Supplier registration time and place, etc.: 1. Competitive negotiation document sale time: November 8, 2014 to November 20, 2014 (except weekends and statutory holidays) morning: 8:30-11:30 pm: 14:30-17:302. Location for obtaining competitive negotiation documents: 6th Floor, Radio and Television Building, Huanglong Road, Xiandu New District, Wuyun Town, Jinyun County 3. Price of competitive negotiation documents (RMB): 0 (non-refundable after sale) 5. Negotiations Deadline for response: 09:00, November 20, 2014 6. Place for submission of negotiation response documents: 6th Floor, Radio and Television Building, Huanglong Road, Xiandu New District, Wuyun Town, Jinyun County. 7. Negotiation Time: 09:00, November 20, 2014 ( Beijing time) 8. Negotiation Venue: 6th Floor, Radio and Television Building, Huanglong Road, Xiandu New District, Wuyun Town, Jinyun County. 9. Negotiation deposit and delivery method: 6400.0. Other matters: 1. According to the 'Procurement Supplier Registration and Integrity Management Interim Measures of Zhejiang ProvinceSuppliers who have won the bid must apply to join the 'Zhejiang Government Procurement Supplier Database' in advance; please log in to the 'Zhejiang Government Procurement Network' for registration in time, and provincial and other provincial and municipal suppliers to register at the Zhejiang Government Procurement Center , Suppliers from other regions in the province shall register with the local government procurement center in accordance with the territorial principle. 2. Registration method: 2.1 Registered suppliers implement online registration: registered suppliers of Zhejiang Government Procurement Network can register online through the 'Supplier Management System' of Zhejiang Government Procurement Network and pass prequalification. 2.2 Due to special circumstances or unregistered suppliers, on-site registration can be implemented: potential suppliers can provide copies of the materials required by the qualification requirements of the procurement documents and the registration form to the Jinyun County Government Procurement Standard Center on-site to manually enter the registration by the staff, and pre-qualification , As a 'temporary supplier' management. 3. The purchase documents are downloaded online. Suppliers can only go to the Zhejiang Government Procurement Network or Jinyun Public Resources Trading Network to download the procurement documents (website: www.zjzfcg.gov.cn or www.jyztb.com) after registering; if they have not been registered, they will be registered on-site. Before downloading procurement documents online, you must first register a user name and password on the Zhejiang Government Procurement Network before you can download the documents. 4. The registered suppliers will notify our center (contact Jiang Zhong, telephone 0578-3315779) after online registration for online pre-qualification. After the pre-review is passed, our center can notify the password to open the procurement documents downloaded online. 5. The corrections, clarifications, Qu0026A, supplements and other documents (if any) of the procurement documents are also published and downloaded on the Zhejiang Government Procurement Network (website: www.zjzfcg.gov.cn). Suppliers are requested to pay attention to online information in a timely manner. Further notice, all risks caused by not paying attention to the relevant website shall be borne by each supplier.
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