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Any further technical information about GESTER?
Yes, we are willing to provide related technical information about GESTER International Co.,Limited if requested. As for the basic information such as main materials, specifications, shapes, and main performance, you can easily find them on the product details displayed on our official website. Also, we have carefully-compiled technical documentation offered along with products. We can deliver it to you if you have the needs for it. Further technical information about what our products are made of and what properties they contain, please contact us.

Over the years, GESTER has been regarded as a reliable and professional manufacturer and supplier of demattia flex tester across China. GESTER's Non Woven Fabric Testing Instruments series contains multiple sub-products. GESTER button pull test is made of materials like chips which are has been investigated many times on the issue of quality, cost, and innocuousness. Before going to the factory, the chips must undergo a strict quality test and inspection. The "one-button" design provides easy use for users. The product provides instant light and illumination. It brightens up immediately when powered on, which has great advantages for users who are in needs of lighting in case of an emergency. It has an alarm report function when finishing the test work.

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