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Classification introduction of furniture tester

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-09
Jester Instruments specializes in manufacturing, selling and repairing various types of test equipment. The products involve rubber, plastic, paper, leather and footwear, metal materials, environmental, wire and cable, textiles, toys, furniture, luggage, etc. , Strollers, sports equipment and many other industries. Furniture tester is one of the most commonly used sewing testers, which can test the appearance, physical properties, environmental protection and so on of furniture. Let's take a look at the classification of furniture testers.  (1) Visual inspection: Both visual inspection and on-site inspection are used for visual inspection and ruler measurement. Among them are mainly functional size, finishing, coating, etc. The functional size must meet the use requirements and ensure that it is within the allowable tolerance range. If the functional size does not meet the requirements, the product is a substandard product, which reduces the use performance.  (2) Testing of physical and chemical properties of furniture: Mainly carry out the inspection of seven indicators, namely, the paint film resistance to dry heat, humidity and heat, abrasion resistance, adhesion, gloss value, paint film thickness and paint film resistance to cold and heat temperature difference. Among them, paint film adhesion, abrasion resistance and resistance to cold and heat temperature differences are particularly important, which determine the service life of the paint film on the surface of wooden furniture. (3) The testing of the mechanical properties of furniture is mainly: the testing of mechanical properties is the test of the strength or bearing capacity of the modular furniture mechanical performance testing machine to simulate the strength or bearing capacity of each part of the furniture under the condition of one-time or repetitive load during normal use and habitual use. test. According to the frequency of normal use of the product under the intended use conditions and the strength of possible misuse, the strength and durability are divided into five test levels according to the size of the loading force and the number of loadings, that is, the frequency of use determines the test level , Carry out static load, durability and impact tests on the product.   (4) Environmental protection performance testing: mainly to detect free formaldehyde and soluble heavy metals in wooden furniture. The national standard specifies three methods for the determination of formaldehyde content or release: perforation extraction method, dryer method, climate chamber method (environmental test chamber method); detection of soluble heavy metal elements is to scrape an appropriate amount of coating on the surface of furniture products. According to national standards, atomic absorption spectrometry is used to determine the soluble metal content in paints and varnishes.   Jester Instruments specializes in researching and developing various testers, including furniture testers, textile testers, luggage testers, crib testers, color fastness testers, leather testers, etc. If necessary, please inquire and order.   The copyright of the article belongs to Jester Instruments, please indicate the source for reprinting, thank you for your cooperation!
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