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Classification of fabric antistatic test experiment

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-11
Fabric antistatic test is a technical indicator that the textile industry needs to detect, especially for specific industries that must control static electricity. For example, anti-static clothing and other fabric types have clear standard requirements. Of course, for fabric antistatic test experiments There are many types, including: friction charging, dust absorption, static attenuation, etc. The engineer in this article will briefly introduce you: 1. The frictional charge measurement method makes the sample frictionally charged with static electricity, and then puts it into the Faraday cylinder to test the charge. The sum of the amount. 2. In the impedance measurement method, select two points at a certain distance on the surface of the sample, contact them with electrodes, and test the resistance between the electrodes. It is often used in the evaluation of anti-static performance of clean clothes, anti-static clothes in computer rooms and carpets. 3. Ash Test: Place the frictionally charged sample close to the dust to determine the degree of dust absorption. 4. The human body voltage measurement method is used to test the antistatic performance of decorative fabrics such as carpets and automobile fabrics. 5. The Rotary Statics method makes the sample rubbed with a friction cloth on the rotating disk to test the voltage value due to friction. 6. Electrostatic decay time (Charge Decay) measurement method Apply a certain voltage (usually 5000V) to the sample, test the voltage induced by the sample, and test the time it takes for the charge to decay by half. 7. The walking (simulated walking) test method simulates human walking on the tested sample, and the shoes are frictionally charged with the sample to test the voltage carried by the human body. Usually used for carpet antistatic performance test. 8. Friction charge attenuation method Japanese antistatic fabric test method standard, add a certain voltage (usually 5000V), automatically rub the sample with cotton and wool friction cloth, and output the voltage and curve at the same time to obtain the half-life and static voltage. Can scientifically test fabrics containing conductive fibers. 9. The electrostatic adsorption test (Cling) method makes the fabric frictionally charged, and tests the time that the electrostatic force of the fabric resists gravity and adheres to the metal plate. 10. The half-life measurement method enables the sample to be charged under a certain applied voltage, and the time for the voltage of the test sample to decay to half of the initial voltage. More about fabric static tester: http://www.kangjingdianshebei.com/productlist/list-5-1.html
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