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Congratulations to all the detection of a successful cooperation

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-31
Warm congratulations jester and the detection of a successful cooperation, full inspection company to place an order for our battery testing equipment for success. Thank you very much for the whole testing company the trust and support to our company, our company will continue to do a good job of service, resolve customer trouble back at home! All testing technology ( ) Co. , LTD. Is a certification, inspection, appraisal, consulting a comprehensive third-party certification body. Focus on serving the: lamps and lanterns, textiles, chemicals, consumer electronics, new energy and other industries, the European CE certification, to provide comprehensive international CB certification, KC certification, South Korea, Japan PSE certification, American UL certification, Taiwan BSMI certification, India BIS certification and other international projects, wal-mart also provide the registered WERCS, SGS, ROHS 2. 0, the chemical testing services, such as the REACH is a respected, competitive certification body. All testing this order our battery testing equipment includes: battery thermal shock tester, battery burning tester, battery low voltage equipment, including high altitude test chamber. Jester is battery testing equipment, professional design and manufacture of manufacturers, many cooperation customers, especially with the battery manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers, testing institutions, scientific research units and colleges and universities have close relations of cooperation. Company products and services in the industry word-of-mouth good, by the broad masses of user's consistent high praise. My battery testing equipment, variety, complete specification, conform to the domestic and international various testing standard, such as GB31241, GB31485, UN38. 3, IEC62133, IEC62619, JIS C8715 etc. , welcome the masses of demand of users friends and consulting we order you the right product! This article from the jester testing equipment company, reprint please indicate the url: https://www. gesterinstruments。 Com/tags: & nbsp  battery testing equipment & NBSP battery thermal shock tester, battery burning machine & NBSP battery low altitude test chamber & NBSP battery testing equipment manufacturers
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