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Congratulations to battery testing equipment a batch to the company

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-17
American company to choose jester battery safety testing equipment and a group of environmental simulation test equipment, in the jester said thank you sincerely, we will wholeheartedly to do a good job of follow-up service! ! As is known to all, the company is recognized as the world's largest search engine company, is a multinational technology companies in the United States, business including Internet search, cloud computing, and advertising technology, at the same time to develop and provide a large number of products and services based on the Internet. 2015 - Four consecutive years in 2018 to become the BrandZ top the world's most valuable brand 'at the top, the second in 2019. The U. S. company of choose and buy our vibration test, falling battery tester, battery short circuit tester, battery forced short circuit testing machine, extrusion machine, needle machine, battery tester, battery weight impact tester, battery burning the impact testing machine, programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber testing equipment more than 10 sets, etc. Because of the need of cooperation, our company launched the product, working on a project for UL certification means that our products will be labeled as UL factory in the future, marks the development of our company and to a higher level. Jester is dedicated to the global battery production enterprises, the production enterprises, inspection agencies, government departments, universities and research institutions to provide high quality, high performance battery safety performance testing equipment, products are exported to South Korea, Thailand, France, Indonesia, the Netherlands, the United States, Sweden and other countries, use the customer already super m. Our company always adhere to the & other; Zui great value for the customer creation, manufacturing first-class products for the enterprise & throughout; The core values, & other; To customer demand as the guide, surviving on quality, development through reputation & throughout; The management idea, aspires to be the world's leading battery safety performance test equipment manufacturers. Tags: & nbsp  battery safety testing equipment & NBSP Google cooperate with jester & NBSP Google browser
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