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Congratulations to cooperate with secco is testing

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-19
An effective communication, a sincere technology exchange and strengthened cooperation intention of the two companies. Recently, jester and guangdong branch is technical service co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as the division is testing) Signed a cooperation agreement, is testing company successful order our company a batch of battery safety testing equipment. Thank you very much is testing company recognition of our company and our products and trust, we will continue to do a good job of follow-up service. According to understand, as that the state of detection group computer peripheral equipment quality supervision and inspection center, established in 1986, after more than 30 years development, has become a collection of test, calibration, certification services for the integration of national a third party. Families are detection has a high standard of emc laboratory, RF radio frequency laboratory, environmental laboratory reliability and safety lab, and a number of laboratories in new energy laboratory, obtained the certificate of CMA, CAL, and is approved by the China quality certification center 3 c testing laboratory, close cooperation with several foreign certification agencies, mutual recognition of test reports of several international institutions. Division is to detect the purchase our battery safety testing equipment is mainly used to form the company's comprehensive safety testing center, comprehensive test battery safety performance, evaluation of safety and risk of the battery. This batch of equipment including extrusion machine, battery weight impact tester, battery mandatory internal short-circuit short-circuit tester, battery tester, battery low voltage simulated altitude test chamber, combustion of battery tester, power battery drop testing machine, etc. , are the jester conventional battery testing equipment. Jester company research and development manufacturing battery testing equipment, has 12 years of development, our company has a complete set of battery safety testing equipment normal product, and to undertake non-standard customized products and services, in terms of overall planning, to form a battery test lab has the rich experience and strong technology, for dozens of testing institutions and battery production enterprises, the enterprises set up their own battery testing laboratory. It is necessary to form a battery test overall laboratory, can greatly save the cost for the enterprise, create more interests. If necessary, please pay attention to the jester's official website to inquire, we will continue to serve for you. This article from the jester testing equipment company, reprint please indicate the url: https://www. gesterinstruments。 Com/tags: & nbsp  battery testing equipment & NBSP battery test overall laboratory & NBSP battery safety comprehensive testing center
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