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Congratulations to the Qingdao institute of bioenergy and process and successful cooperation

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-16
Recently, Qingdao institute of bioenergy and process signed cooperation intention with the jester detection equipment, signed a cooperation agreement, success to buy our battery explosion protection box, enter type constant temperature and humidity laboratory equipment. Thanks to Qingdao institute of bioenergy and process for jester testing equipment company, we will try to do a good job of service. Qingdao biological energy and process by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the government of shandong province, Qingdao municipal government in 2006 launched the construction of the new type of national research institutions. Which focus on three core biological, energy, process research, six key breeding direction, with a total of 12 provincial scientific research departments, dedicates staff of more than 95% have graduate degrees, among them, has a doctoral degree (55%), get a lot of inventions brick. Qingdao biological energy and process the purchase by our equipment is mainly used in the detection of battery safety performance, including the physical properties of the battery itself and adapt to the environment performance of detection. Jester testing equipment company in the production of the whole battery safety performance testing equipment, battery safety performance is mainly the characteristics of the battery, emergencies, improper application, causes such as environmental changes. Our company production for emergencies have battery extrusion machine, battery needle-punching machine, drop test machine, etc. ) Improper application, we have explosion-proof box, battery overcharge too tester, such as environmental changes we have high and low temperature test chamber, constant temperature and humidity test chamber, rapid temperature test box, etc. These devices can satisfy you need to buy separate test requirements, can be more than one purchase form into battery testing laboratory whole, meet your needs of battery testing more test. We provide non-standard custom, site planning and other services. This article from the jester detection equipment, reprint please indicate the url: https://www. gesterinstruments。 Com/tags: & nbsp  jester testing equipment & NBSP jester testing equipment & NBSP testing equipment manufacturer
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