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Introduce The Dyeing Method In Detail

Introduce The Dyeing Method In Detail


Dyeing is the process of adding color to textile products like fibers, yarns, and fabrics. Dyes are obtained from flowers, nuts, berries and other forms of vegetables and plants as well as from animal and mineral sources. These are known as natural dyes. The other class of dyes is known as synthetic dyes. These are based on a particular type of chemical composition.

Yarn dyeing method: Yarn (including filament) has been dyed for nearly a thousand years, Textiles may be dyed at any stage of their development from fibre into fabric or certain garments.GEster simply sorted out the dyeing method.


The spun yarn or filament is transformed into a skein framed together on the spinning machine, and then the dyeing method of dip dyeing in various forms of dyeing machine is skein dyeing.



Yarn wound on spools, cones, or similar units and then dyed is referred to as package-dyed yarn. The packages of yarn are stacked on perforated rods in a rack and then immersed in a tank wherein the dye is forced outward from the rods under pressure through the spools and then back through the packages toward the center to penetrate the entire yarn as thoroughly as possible. Most carded and combed cotton that is used for knitted outerwear.


According to the requirements of the hue and quantity of the warp yarns of the colored fabric, the raw yarn is wound on a perforated coil on the loose warping machine to form a loose warp beam, and then it is installed. It is placed on the yarn carrier of the machine and placed in the warp beam dyeing machine. With the function of the main pump, the dye solution is circulated between the warp beam yarns or fibers to achieve dip dyeing to obtain a uniform color warp yarn. The method is called Warp beam dyeing.



The great bulk of dyed fabric on the market is dyed in the piece. This method gives manufacturers maximum flexibility for their inventories to meet large or small demands for a given color as fashion requires. Where yardage warrants it, fabrics are dyed in continuous range machines. Small lots of fabrics of all fibres are dyed in batches. Piece dyeing is thoroughly satisfactory as regards levelness, penetration, and overall fastness, as summing that the proper dyes have been used.



This is also a special dyeing method for denim warp yarns. The dyeing process is to bundle 400-500 raw yarns into a ball, and then several bundles (such as 12 bundles, 18 bundles, 24 bundles, 36 bundles) of yarns are dyed in multiple The tank is repeatedly dipped, rolled, and ventilated for many times to realize the indigo dyeing, and then divide the warp and sizing. Acrylic tow can also be pad dyed.



Like fabrics, yarns also have partial dyeing, such as printing, section dyeing, tie dyeing, printing, discharge dyeing, gradation and so on. 

GESTER dyeing machine, manufactured based on high-quality materials and advanced technology, has reasonable structure, excellent performance, stable quality, and long-lasting durability. It is a reliable product which is widely recognized in the market.Adhering to the service concept to be customer-oriented and service-oriented, GESTER is ready to provide our clients with quality products and professional services.


1. Lab Padder Horizontal & Vertical GT-D19

Laboratory Padder is suitable as dyeing and finishing padding mangle. The pressure transmission can be applied by means of pneumatic cylinder. It’s apply to pure cotton, T/C and other chemical fiber fabric.


2. Color Distinguish Socks Knitting Machine GT-AB11

Color Distinguish Socks Knitting Machine GT-AB11 is determine to distinguish the color difference of yarn and silk. To ensure the dyeing evenness (Stockings dyeing machine), is used to determine the color different and grade


3. High Temperature Lab Sample Dyeing Machine GT-D15

High Temp Lab Dyeing Machine apply for dyeing and washing color fastness testing of dyeing knitted fabric, woven fabric, yarn, cotton, loose fibre, zipper, shoe material and other high-temperature hand sample & middle sample.Its high temperature dyeing machine design for dyeing, chemical, raw material, cloth industry, can simulate actual produce condition exactly, meeting requirement technology effect.


4. Fabric Calendering Machine GT-D24

This Calendering Machine is used in dyeing and finishing process in laboratory. The machine is mainly used help to adjust the formula of fabric and auxiliaries. 

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