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GESTER Organizes The Covid Vaccination

GESTER Organizes The Covid Vaccination


In accordance with the principle of “informed, voluntary and consent” for Covid vaccination, GESTER leaders took the lead in responding and encouraged employees to vaccinate by taking practical actions.

What are the benefits of Covid vaccination ?

One is to protect yourself. Vaccines can stimulate the body's immunity, even if it is infected, it can effectively reduce severe illness and mortality.

The second is to defend the country. When enough people are vaccinated, the transmission chain of the virus will be interrupted and herd immunity will be realized.

According to the prompts from the staff, all GESTER employees carefully read the precautions for the vaccination schedule and make an appointment in advance. Bring ID card, mobile phone and other items. It is best not to vaccinate on an empty stomach. Wear loose clothes on the day of Covid vaccination to facilitate vaccination and wear a mask.

At the time of Covid vaccination, the doctor will help us determine whether the vaccination is possible ; carefully read and sign the informed consent form. All employees wear masks throughout the process, line up methodically, and Keep a good distance.

After the vaccination, we stayed in the observation area of the vaccination site for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, you can leave the vaccination site if you have no symptoms; all Gester employees have no adverse reactions.

Through the organization of Covid vaccination activities, all employees of GESTER said that vaccinating can reduce the risk of infection. The more people vaccinated, the more herd immunity can be formed, and they also can contribute their own strength to defeat the Covid virus. 

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