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How the thickness gague for leather materials is Measured

How the thickness gague for leather materials is Measured


A leather thickness gauge is a tool used to measure the thickness of leather. The come in types that measure via template, caliper, and laser. Also, rulers, squares, and tapes are used to measure lengths of leather. These all help when planning, cutting, and marking leather goods.

Why choose the leather thickness tester

A variety of tools are available to help measure leather, either raw material, or fine design pieces while working on a project. Most common are likely metal rulers that act both as a measuring edge, and a cutting edge which can be used to guide a knife. These help to measure length.

These refer to it by actual thickness, and by weight. In general, leather hides are natural substances so their thickness across the entire width of the hide can vary. 

Leather thickness gauges are tools that measure the thickness of leather.Leather thickness for a single piece is often stated in ranges, such as 2 – 3 oz, or 2 mm – 2.4 mm.Different leather thicknesses are generally used for different products, and they are suited differently based on flexibility and heft. For example, thinner leathers for wallets, and thicker leathers for bags, tack, and boots.. It’s very helpful to know the general thickness of leather used for any project. 

GESTER Digital Leather Thickness Measuring Gauge helps ensure uniformity of the materials used (so the overall feel of the finished product is conasistent). 

The thickness gauge is used to measure the thickness of vulcanized rubber and leather products. Clamp specimen between up and down parallel round plates. The pointed graduation is the thickness.

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