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In-depth analysis of the two current status of the textile tester industry

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-30
Abstract: Now our country is going through the stage of changing the industrial structure through technological innovation, and it is also an important historical stage to improve the national economy from all aspects. Using textile tester to measure fabric is an important means for people to obtain information from nature.   At present, most of the more advanced textile testing equipment in our country rely on imports, but the most advanced foreign equipment is generally developed in the laboratory by itself, and it is impossible to buy on the market. If we want to carry out top-notch scientific and technological innovation activities, we must not only rely on imported products, but start to develop advanced equipment from now on.  After years of hard work, our scientific and technical personnel have provided us with the most advanced domestic equipment. Analyzing the current industry in our country, there are still many problems. Only by letting the problems disappear in the budding state can we make the industry develop in a healthy way. Next, let us analyze the two major status quo of the industry together. Unwilling to invest funds:    Although the textile tester industry has brought great benefits to everyone, a large number of companies do not intend to take out funds and invest in product innovation, but just follow it blindly, thinking that innovation It is not a matter of the enterprise, but a matter of the Ministry of Technology of the State. This kind of thinking must become an important factor hindering the development of the enterprise itself, that is, if a problem is discovered, it does not want to invest a lot of money in this area. Relying too much on traditional technology: Although the traditional textile tester can temporarily meet the development of the current society, there are still big problems, the instability of the product and the short lifespan, the traditional technology can not be updated in time, although The problems that have appeared have not had a great impact on production, but they have also brought great inconvenience to enterprises. Some traditional technologies have been eliminated internationally for many years, but they still continue to be used in China.  Related reading: my country's textile tester import and export status in recent years
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