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In the rain the structure characteristics of the test equipment is introduced

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-03
In the rain test chamber is mainly used for assessment of product shell/seal after water test or during the test if you can guarantee that the equipment and components good work performance and technical state. Products at the same time in the transport process or use may be affected by flooding, provides the reference basis for the product technical standard. Get wet in the rain in the rain test equipment is a kind of artificial simulation of the chamber, it is well known to all components and equipment in the atmosphere environment, both working state and storage condition, will be influenced by all kinds of water, different level which could run through the rain, the most common in the rain experiment is to prevent the equipment after the rain infiltration and in the rain or the performance is a degree of change. In the rain test equipment by enclosure, arranging the stents, arranging the drive mechanism, working rotating table, electrical control parts. Arranging the pillar inside the channel steel welding, ensure not shake when arranging the swing. Test box body is made of A3 steel plate forming, cabinet inside the working chamber is made of SUS304 stainless steel plate. In the rain test equipment installation of a set of arranging, pendulum tube made of stainless steel tube bending, can be used as a swing back and forth, at the same time will control to a certain flow and pressure of water through the pipe nozzle and water experiment was carried out on test samples. Arranging the swinging gear design is reasonable, the production precision, convenient maintenance. Arranging the swing completed by advanced stepper motor, the rotation frequency and Angle and rotary speed is controlled by a programmable LCD controller automatically, the operation is simple. Rack can lift device for the rotary table, rotate 360 degrees in horizontal direction. The whole equipment design is reasonable, durable. In accord with GB4208 - equipment 2006 GB4942 - The 93 national standards such as premise, have the practicality, stability, and easy to control. Product structure and the box body parameters: water ring radius: 375 mm test stand diameter: 100 mm inner carton size: 800 * 800 * 800 mm carton size: 850 * 1250 * 1600 mm machine weight: 130 kg insulation enclosure structure: add SUS304 stainless steel plate heat exchanger, nickel chromium alloy strip heater, using non-contact cycle such as pulse width, SSR ( Solid state relay)
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