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Infrared textile testing instrument in the evaluation of performance standards

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-13
Infrared testing-equipment' target='_blank'>textile testing instrument in the evaluation of the performance of the standard infrared textile testing instrument in assessing performance is the object of far infrared function, measuring object material emissivity function measurement instruments, in the performance evaluation criteria is as follows: the cold in the winter, far infrared function clothes, quilts, knee and other related product is the market a lot of demand; However, with far infrared radiation rate of detection device on the market, many the emission rate under the condition of high temperature measurement is adopted. 34 ℃ to accord with human body table body temperature detection rate of far infrared radiation, its data is objective and reliable. In the future when people buy in the market far infrared material, can provide a correct selection of 34 ℃ high emissivity function material to produce a normal infrared radiation rate of efficacy of the product. Through the computer program can be displayed on the computer screen infrared radiation rate value of change and stability, to be measured samples are more likely to be operating personnel with a clear understanding of the changes in the rate of radiation.
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