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Interpretation of common steel fiber knowledge

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-06
Fiber is the most basic unit of constituent materials. At present, the common classification of fibers may be textile fibers, but in addition to the textile industry, other industries will also use different fiber materials. For example, the standard group will introduce a common type in this article. Steel fiber. The interface between cement matrix and aggregate in concrete is the weak link of concrete. For steel fiber concrete, the interface between cement matrix and steel fiber is often the weakest link in steel fiber concrete. The interface bond between cement stone and steel fiber Mainly physical combination. The so-called physical bonding is caused by the adhesion and mechanical meshing between the cement hydrate and the steel fiber interface. Therefore, the shape, surface condition, cross-sectional shape of the steel fiber and the material of the steel fiber have a great influence on this kind of physical bonding. . At present, the most widely used steel fibers mainly include the following: (1) Short fibers made from steel wire cutting: The production process of this type of fiber is relatively simple, and the resulting steel fiber has high tensile strength, and the disadvantage is that its surface is smooth. , Therefore, the bond strength with the concrete matrix is u200bu200blow. (2) Thin plate shearing steel fiber: The production process of this type of fiber is similar to the first type. The raw material is a thin steel plate as wide as the required fiber length, and then it is made by shearing, and the steel fiber is slightly bent during the shearing. And twisting, which can increase the bond strength. (3) Steel ingot milling steel fiber: The fiber is made by using steel ingot as raw material and cutting with a milling cutter. This fiber is characterized by axial distortion, and the surface of the fiber can be roughened by improving the cutter. In addition, the first two The surface of this fiber will be more or less sticky with impurities such as oil during the production process, and the production method of the fiber can ensure the cleanness of its surface. Therefore, the bonding strength between the steel fiber and the concrete matrix prepared by this method is higher than that of the first two steel fibers.
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