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Several issues you need to pay attention to when purchasing Atlas climate aging boxes

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-29
Atlas weathering box is also known as xenon lamp aging test box. The user material aging test style is widely used in the production of enterprises. At present, there are many xenon lamp weathering test boxes in various price ranges on the market. How to buy it? The xenon lamp weather-resistant test chamber is a knowledge. How to choose the right Atlas climate aging tester for the various types of complex xenon lamp aging test machines of many brands? The engineer here summarizes the following questions for you. 1. Although the xenon lamp weather resistance test box is expensive, you must not be greedy for cheap when buying the test box. It must be based on the quality of the product. 2. Xenon lamp tubes, controllers, and compressors are the core accessories of the test chamber, so you need to buy and use well-known brands. 3. Before buying a test box, carefully evaluate the site requirements. For example, whether the door of the test room and the elevator can pass normally, the power supply voltage is 380V. 4. According to the size of the test workpiece, choose a suitable xenon lamp weatherproof test box, which is divided into air-cooled xenon lamp and water-cooled xenon lamp. 5. Look at the safety protection system of the test chamber. 6. Look at the manufacturer's after-sales service, complete, thoughtful, and timely after-sales to ensure that users are worry-free.
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