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Shoe material tester becomes more and more attention in the sunrise industry

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-24
Abstract: The shoe material testing-equipment' target='_blank'>tester market has been drawn as a blueprint, because over the years, it has been seen as a sunrise industry that has attracted more and more attention. Under the aura of huge industrial scale, the industrial chain is still constrained by its professional characteristics. In fact, this type of industry oriented to professional fields has always maintained its current output value and has not yet found a way to break through the sales bottleneck. The application field of shoe material tester is relatively professional, usually in the form of government procurement, so the market scale and government investment are closely related, the market scale is also limited, the competition is particularly fierce, and major manufacturers can only Under all current market scales, not much market share is divided up, and there is no market appreciation at all. The sales situation of major brand instruments is also mainly dependent on direct sales by each local branch of the company, or by distributors. In today’s Internet era, e-commerce has long overturned the traditional trading situation. Can the sales of surveying and mapping instruments change the traditional sales model through the e-commerce situation? Relevant people in the industry clearly stated that the sales of equipment and equipment are mainly For the procurement of government projects in various industries, at present, the government does not actually purchase through the situation of e-commerce. Therefore, it can be seen from this that shoe material tester manufacturers will not sell products through e-commerce channels in a short period of time. The main reason is that it does not conform to the shopping habits of the company’s target customers. In the traditional surveying and mapping information field, B2B And the B2C e-commerce platform obviously does not meet the needs of the market.   However, the B2G model, that is, the e-commerce platform between the enterprise and the government management department, can solve the problem of equipment manufacturers selling products through the network. But so far, there has not been such a platform in the industry, so in the short term, e-commerce is not helpful to change the sales model of shoe material tester equipment.   Related reading: Specific steam tracing measures of shoe material tester
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