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Simple mobile phone plug life testing machine is introduced

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-28
With the emergence of 5 g mobile phones, mobile phones market once again to the peak. 2019 will be the beginning of our domestic 5 g era, the size of the vendors are in place in the process of 5 g smartphones, the overall structure of the mobile phone market in China and the consumption level is more high quality and high-end market, under the influence of 5 g promotion and commercial popularization, the mobile phone market in China will have a batch of new growth. At the same time, the testing equipment of mobile phones is particularly important. Jester testing equipment co. , LTD. Is a collection research and development, production, sales for the integration of high-tech enterprises. Jester with strong research and development strength and technical support, research and development department to have powerful expert team research and development ability of innovation. In recent years, research and development production of mobile phone testing equipment hundreds of models, such as: mobile phones plug life testing machine, drop test machine, mobile phones flexural performance tester, key life testing machine, mobile phone cover life testing machine, mobile phone slide life testing machine, mobile phones click crossed life testing machine, roller drop tester. For the professional mobile phone manufacturers to provide professional testing equipment, let they never trouble back at home. Mobile phone plug life testing machine is a new research and development of test equipment jester. This equipment is used to test a variety of connector plug life resistance of advanced test equipment, simulation of artificial of specimen and motherboard, accurate and effective plug life test, degree of value. To reduce the customer's human resources, improve the quality of the product, this equipment was well received by the majority of customers the machine main specifications are as follows: 1, the power supply voltage: 220 v & plusmn; 10% 2, frequency range: 0 ~ 999999993, the speed range: 5 ~ 80 times/min 4, stroke regulating range: 0 ~ 5 cm5, machine weight ( About) : 50 kg tags: & nbsp  mobile phones testing equipment & NBSP insertion force tester & NBSP phone insertion force testing machine service life
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