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Single fiber tester with cotton inspection can control defects

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-22
The single fiber tester is a kind of precision instrument, so the requirements for it are very high for the enterprise, because it is related to the final quality, but it is not good for a single use. Through the inspection with cotton, some of the defects can be controlled. Make it truly meet the actual standards. Single fiber tester inspection:   strong machine manufacturer introduction Because the cotton fiber large-capacity tester only involves the length, linear density, maturity ratio, strength, uniformity, etc. of cotton, while the cotton lint rate, maturity percentage, and immature fiber The tests for defects such as percentage, neps, and impurities all deviate greatly from the spinning requirements. It has little control relevance to the actual quality indicators of spinning, and cannot establish a corresponding relationship with the quality indicators of the sliver and combed sliver controlled by the spinning semi-products, making it difficult to form a correspondence between the cotton test indicators and the sliver quality control indicators. Therefore, the establishment of the quality control index of the cotton blended cotton single fiber tester is conducive to the removal and control of the harmful defects in the blowing and carding process, and these control indicators will affect the control indicators of the carding sliver and combing sliver in the subsequent process. influences. The powerful machine manufacturer introduced the use of single fiber tester to control the indicators in high-quality cotton, and formulated the control standards for the physical indicators of mixed cotton single fiber testing, especially for short fibers, immature fibers, neps, fiber seed chips, impurities, and micro Dust test is the key to improve the removal efficiency of the blowing-carding unit and combing process. It is also the key to analyzing the quality control indicators of carded sliver and combed sliver and the control of small yarn defects in cotton yarn and fabric. Otherwise, a single large-capacity fiber tester test The guidance of spinning cotton quality index and blended cotton index will have a larger actual control deviation.
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