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The Test Methods And Feature of Pneumatic Bursting Strength Testing Machine

The Test Methods And Feature of Pneumatic Bursting Strength Testing Machine


Pneumatic Bursting Strength Testing Machine For determining the bursting strength of woven or knitted fabrics, non-woven, paper, leather and board by application of a pneumatic load under a rubber diaphragm of a specific area. Provide with a digital readout of pressure with peak value hold facility, renewable rubber diaphragms, and manual clamping device with acrylic bell, forward reverse and neutral drive system. Provide accurate elongation information of fabrics, up to 0.1mm.


FZ / T60019,ISO2960,ASTM D3786,M&S P27,JIS L-1096,ISO 13938-2


1.This bursting strength tester use pneumatic method, meet multinational standards and equipped with several changeable test clamp.

2.The simple interface touching screen controller is easy and simple to handle.

3.The specimen was clamped firmly by the pneumatic force which can also save effort.

4.The test cover was made up of high-transparent glass with LED light inside which can observe the specimen easily

5.The Bursting Strength Testing Machine can induct the burst automatically which is much more sensitive and reliable.

6.The bursting distension can go up to 75mm.

7.The AC servo drive system with low noise and wide range of applications.

8.Pneumatic Bursting Strength Tester Test Methods: Constant Time Bursting.

9.The tester bring saving and printing functions and support on-line operation.

10.Provide on-line interfaces, professional detection software which can be used to analysis testing result.

Summary of Test Method

A specimen is clamped over an expandable diaphragm. The diaphragm is expanded by fluid pressure to the point of specimen rupture.  The difference between the total pressure required to rupture the specimen and the pressure required to inflate the diaphragm is reported as the bursting strength.

Significance and Use

Fabric Pneumatic Bursting Tester method for the determination of diaphragm bursting strength of knitted, nonwoven and woven fabrics is being used by the textile industry for the evaluation of a wide variety of end uses.

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