22 years focused on physical lab testing machines and provide total testing solution according customer requirement.

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What about laboratory dyeing machines production experience of GESTER?
GESTER International Co.,Limited has extensive expertise in the production and sales of laboratory dyeing machines . We have established a complete production management system that is designed to monitor each production step. Our production capacity is considerable enough to fulfill our orders.

GESTER has been a qualified manufacturer both in the domestic and international market. We are proficient in manufacturing water vapor permeability tester. GESTER's light fastness tester series contains multiple sub-products. New heat dissipation technology is applied to GESTER demattia flexing tester. For example, heat pipe technology can greatly improve the dissipation efficiency and eventually makes the product more durable in use. The edges of the product have been machined to be smooth. The product has a fast response time, which can be lighted up very quickly and can achieve full brightness under a microsecond. It can function normally even under low temperature and high pressure.

our company supplies clients with the very best tensile tester and comprehensive solutions. Ask!
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