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What are battery test method of extrusion machine?

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-01
Battery extrusion machine use: squeeze machine is suitable for the simulation of various kinds of lithium battery in the transport, use, storage and processing, household waste battery suffers extruding force, sharp throughout the case, battery explosion, not as a qualified fire. Test method: battery to be tested in two surfaces will be squeezed, through vice or piston diameter of 32 mm applied about 13 kn hydraulic arm of extrusion, extrusion reach 17 last into hydraulic pressure gauge reading on the device. 2 mpa, once the maximum pressure, will remove extrusion. Battery extrusion machine experiment shows: 1. 。 For cylindrical battery, extruding the longitudinal axis of the battery should be with two parallel flat extrusion device, 2. For square and soft package cells, only to squeeze 3 cell width. For coin type or button type batteries, used batteries two plane and flat parallel manner. 4. 1, do an extrusion test sample. Jester battery extrusion machine main specifications: 1. Hydraulic power drive for 2. Pressure range of commonly used 13 kn ( Maximum 20 kn) 3. 1 n pressure display precision, resolution: 1/100000 4. Pressure regulation accuracy & plusmn; 10. 0kg5. Compression space 200 & times; 200× 200 mm6。 The machine 200 mm
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