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What are the characteristics of the electronic fabric strength machine?

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-16
The electronic fabric strength machine has the following characteristics:   1. Imported Sharp blue liquid crystal display (LCD operation panel), full Chinese menu prompts, no misoperation;   2, Mitsubishi 16-bit industrial-grade single-chip microcomputer control, 16-bit A /D converter, strong anti-interference performance, fast data transmission;   3, PC online control, dynamic tracking of the working status of the test machine, receiving test data and real-time display of the strength curve;   4, a large number of test data storage, and data can be carried out Summarization, classification and other processing (testing machine);   5, the machine is equipped with an LCD operation panel, so that the powerful machine can be operated independently from the software and computer and print the test results (two-way control);   6, the response time of the servo motor of Panasonic Corporation in Japan <10ms/1000 It effectively satisfies the tests such as one-time stretching, constant load timing stretching, constant elongation, timing stretching, repeated stretching, and elasticity tests of various materials;   7, the force value calibration adopts full digital calibration, which is convenient and clear   8. The dynamic sampling frequency is as high as 800 times per second, that is, during the test, the computer collects strength and elongation data at a rate of more than 800 times per second, thus effectively ensuring that the original peak value is not lost and making the strength elongation curve more accurate. It is convenient to conduct in-depth analysis of various mechanical properties of materials (such as initial modulus, yield point, breaking point, breaking point, etc.);   9, the relevant parameter settings are all open to the outside world, so that the instrument meets the test requirements of different standards;   10, Pneumatic clamps are used for clamping, and the sensors, clamps and racks are connected by standard interfaces, which are easy to replace;   11. Multiple protections: overload, negative force value protection, limit protection, overcurrent and overvoltage protection, etc.;   12, Force unit: N, Kgf, 1b, in, cN and other free conversion.
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