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What Are The Technical Indicators Of Air Permeability Tester ?

What Are The Technical Indicators Of Air Permeability Tester ?


Air Permeability Test Equipment to test the air permeability of various woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics, industrial filter materials etc.

Air Permeability Testing Machine Standard:

GB/T 5453, GB/T 13764, ISO 9237, ISO 7231, ISO 5636, BS 5636, ASTM D737, ASTM D3574, DIN 53887, JISL1096, AFNORG 07-111, EDANA140.1, ISO 9073-15

Automatic Air Permeability Tester Technical Indicators:

1.Testing units: mm/s, m3/m2.min, cm3/cm2.s, m3/m2.h, cfm, L/dm2.min, L/m2.s

2. Nozzle change method: automatically(equipped with 11 nozzle with different calibers to meet different specimens).

3.Testing arm: pneumatic controlled and can press and put up automatically.

4. Measuring error:≤±2%

5. Test time:10~15s

6. Data port:RS232C

7. Nozzle pressure difference:4,000Pa

8. Specimen pressure difference:1,000Pa

9. Permeability range:0.1~12000mm/s

10. Testing area:5cm2, 20cm2, 50cm2, 100cm2 ,

                              Ф50mm (≈19.6cm2), Ф70mm(≈38.3cm2)

11. Power supply: AC 220V 50/60HZ, 2KW

12.Data port:Dimensions: 700 x 520 x 1100mm (L x W x H)

                          Weight: 93kg

The air permeability test belongs to the barrier performance test. Barrier performance testing includes air (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.) and watervapour transmission rate tests. 

Barrier performance is one of the important factors affecting product shelf life, and it is also an important reference for manufacturers to analyze product shelf life. This Fully Automatic Fabric Air Permeability test can analyze and solve quality problems such as product oxidative deterioration, damp and mildew due to air or water vapor sensitivity.

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