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What Is The Similarities And Differences Between Hydraulic And Pneumatic Burst Strength Testers

What Is The Similarities And Differences Between Hydraulic And Pneumatic Burst Strength Testers


Bursting strength is an important physical index for evaluating fabric quality. In the process of use, the fabric is continuously subjected to the top and pressure of the concentrated load and expands until it is damaged, especially the elbows, knees and other parts of the clothing. This damage is called bursting.

The common testing machines for bursting are Hydraulic Bursting Strength Tester and Pneumatic Bursting Strength Tester. Many customers are faced with a choice between these two testing machines. GESTER summarizes the similarities and differences of the two testing machines for easy reference.



The two bursting strength testing instruments are mainly applied to test all kinds of textiles, non-woven, leather and other materials. In every direction of longitude and latitude stress (diaphragm method) at the same time, measure it’s performance of spreading force and distension.

2. Feature

2.1 Pneumatic clamping, clamping uniform, not easy to skid, easy to use.

2.2 Use AC servo drive system, stable running low noise, wide range of debugging and application.

2.3 High transparent organic glass to cover the instrument,built-in LED lights can be clearly observed sample experimental process.

2.4 Display uses the touch screen, interface is simple and easy to understand, touch sensitive, easy to operate.

2.5 Instrument can storage experiment result and print, and support online work with professional computer software .

3. NOTE:

When normal use, its forbidden to remove the cover.Please pay attention to close the air source when replace diaphragm, orifice and test cover. Please confirm there is no air pressure in cylinder,please be careful.




 Hydraulic Bursting Strength Tester Pneumatic Bursting Strength Tester 

 ISO 13938.1, FZ/T 60019, FZ/T 01030,

 ASTM D3786,BS 4768, WOOLMARK TM 29, 

 WSP 30.1, JIS L 1018.6.17.

 FZ / T60019, ISO 2960,  ASTM D3786, 

 M & S P27, JIS L-1096 and ISO 13938-2.

 Instrument measuring range 2 MPa 1.2 MPa 
 Maximum expansion rate 75±0.02mm 2.9cm (7.3cm2), 3.4cm (50 cm2), 7cm (100cm2)  
 Maximum burst expansion degree  75 mm 70 mm
 Test methods

 Constant Rate Bursting , Constant Expansion 

 Constant Pressure, Constant Time Bursting

 Constant Time Bursting
 Protection cover organic glass protection no

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